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to kill a mockingbird

tirade a long angry speech
undulate to move ways or in a wavy manner
devoid completely lacking
haugty showing arrogant superority
qualms disturbed uneasy feelings
formidable fear, dread, or alarm
prerogative exclusive right or privilage
elusive tending to avoid capture
obscure not clearly understood or expressed
pensive melancholy thoughfulness
infallible never wrong
fortitude strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage
stifile suppress
venerable impressive on account of age or historic associations
fa├žade the front of a building; the part facing the street
ecclesiastical church-like
succinct clear and brief
acquiescence agreement with protest
uncouth crude, unmannerly
impassive showing no emotion
elucidate explain
affluent well-off financially
amiable friendly and agreeable
litigants a party engaged in a lawsuit
corroborating To strengthen or support with other evidence; make more certain
congenital a congenital condition is one that is in existence at birth. For example, if a child is born
acrimonious sarcastic; bitter; nasty
tenet a principle or belief generally held to be true
mollified soothed; calmed
perpetual everlasting; continuous
riled angry
tedious boring; tiresome
expunge remove completely
candid open and honest
impudent disrespectful; bold; sassy
unmitigated out-and-out absolute
temerity foolish or rash boldness
acquit declare not guilty
bleakly without hope
feral wild; savage
ruefully regretfully
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