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5th grade ARMT vocab

Academic Vocabulary

accurately in a correct manner
advantage being in a better position or condition
appropriate especially suitable or fitting
author a person who creates a written work
average something typical of a group, class, or series
best describes to give the most accurate account of something or someone
characteristics special qualities that make a person or group different from others
choice to make a decision between one or more things
describe to tell something in words
details small parts or features of a story or article
events special occasions or activities
examples some of a gruop or collection that shows what the whole is like
expect to believe that something will happen
feels to be aware of
information knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction
main idea the topic or central idea of a passage
metaphor a literary device that compares two unlike things without using the words "like" or "as"
mostly/likely for the greatest part; mainly
neglected having given little or no attention to something
passage a brief portion of a written work
positive filled with confidence; certain
probably most likely
problem something to be worked out or solved
realistic fiction a story that is made up by an author but has realistic characters and settings
response a reaction to something said or done
role a part played by a character
setting the time and place of a story; when and where it takes place
similar having qualities in common
specific clearly and exactly presented
summarized to give a brief description of a passage, including a retelling of only the main idea and most important details
support to provide evidence for
table a picture that places words in columns and rows to organize information; also called a chart
title the name given to a story, book, song, etc.
traits qualities that make a person or thing different from others
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