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6th grade ARMT

Academic Vocabulary

Author A person who creates a written work.
Identify to point out or provide proof
Idea Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
develop To bring to a more advanced state.
detail a small part or feature of a story or article
describe to tell something in words
chronological order a sequence presented in the order in which events occured
conflict the main porblem or struggle in a story
communication to transmit information, thoughts, or feelings
climax the highpoint of a story
main idea the topic or central idea of a passage
line (poem) a row of words
information knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction
mostly for the greatest part/mainly
narrator the person or character who actually tells the story
opinion a person's belief, which may or may not be shared by others and cannot be proved true or false
personification figurative language that gives human qualities to something that is not human, such as animals
personified gave something human qualities like talking animals
prediction an informaed guess about what will happen in the future
probably most likely
problem something to be worked out or solved
process a series of actions or operations leading to a result
purpse intention or reason for doing something
relationship the connection between something or someone
response a reaction to something said or done
similar having qualities in common
speaker the person or character who actually tells the poem or story; also narrator
specific clearly and exactly presented or stated
supports to provide evidence for
tone/attitude style or manner of expression
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