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Dewey's Health7 1-7

vocab for Unit 1 lesson 7

personality a person's unique blend of traits
sense of humor the ability to see the funny side of a situation
optimistic tending to expect positive outcomes
gratitude feeling thankful for a favor or something that is enjoyabloe
communication the sharing of feelings, thoughts and information with another person
nonverbal communication the use of action to express yourself
feelings an emotion...love, happiness, sadness
I-message a statment or message that contains the word "I" and how you feel about a specific behavior and the event that occured to make you feel that way
You-message a statement or message that blames or shames another person
anger a feeling of being irrated or annoyed
anger cue a body change that occures when a person is angry
insecure to feel uncertain or to lack confidence
self-esteem a person's feeling about his or her own worth
instant gratification choosing an immediate reward regardless of the possible harmful effects
addiction the complelling need to continue a behavior even if it is harmful
denial refusing to admit there is a problem
codependence a mental disorder in which a person denies fooling and copes in harmful ways
phobia an excessive fear of an object, situation or person
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