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History 1700


Mayflower Compact The Document the Pilgrims created to form their government. This document was the first constitution adopted in North America. It provided for a colony-wide system of representiative self-government.
Primogeniture An inheritance practice that bestowed land on the eldest son, forced many younger chilren into the ranks of the roaming poor. This practice led many of these children in search of land in the new world.
Bacon's Rebellion A Militia of farmers in central Virginia who wanted acess to native American lands. They burned Jamestown to the ground. While they passed laws opening up Indian lands they also passede laws designed to limit the number of freed white servants in the co
Salutary Neglect British control over the colony's is relaxed for a time while the Britsh concentrated on military defense. This led to American self-rule.
First Great Awakening Challenged the authority of ministers and, through its emphasis on the converstion experiece. emphasized the individual's connection with God.
Enlightenment Principle of reasonPolitical Philosophy of John Locke - Wrote the second Treatises on Good Government. 1. Natural rights given by God, Life, Liberty, Property 2. Social Contract - Protect natural rights - government 3. Consent of the Governed
Common Sense A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. Called for American independennce and a union of the American colonies. As propaganda, it influenced colonists to pursue the Reveoluntionary War. Paine identi with the ordinary people, his criticism was aimed at n
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