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Renaissance Midterm

Renaissance Music

Ut te per omnes Ciconia
Sanctus Power
En Katerine solennia Byttering
Veni sancte spiritus/Veni creator Dunstable
Nuper rosarum flores Du Fay
Ave Regina caelorum III Du Fay
Missa Se la face pale, Gloria Du Fay
Missa L'homme arme, Agnus Dei Du Fay
Adieu m'amour, adieu ma joye (rondeau) Du Fay
Dueil angoisseux Binchois
Missa Prolationum, Kyrie Ockeghem
Missa Fors seulement, Kyrie Ockeghem
S'elle m'amera/Petite camusette Ockeghem
In Hydraulis Busnoys
Je ne puis vivre Busnoys
Volgi, gli ochi, madre pia (lauda) Alexander Demophon Venetus
Una sanosa porfia Encina
Levanta, Pascual Encina
Miserere mei, Deus Josquin
Faulte d'argent Josquin
Nymphes des bois (Deploration of Johannes Ockeghem) Josquin
Factor orbis Obrecht
Missa de apostolic, Kyrie Isaac
Quis dabit capiti meo acquam Isaac
Ominium bonorum plena Compere
Missa prodefunctis, Introitus la Rue
Contenance Angloise Rhythmic simplicity, Few dissonances/carefully placed, Imperfect consonances (3rd and 6ths)
Fauxbourdon A technique of taking a chant and putting it in the top voice and adding a 2nd voice a 4th below. Fauxbourdon was written in the score and an unwritten part sung at a 3rd below the top voice
Motets (types) Isorhythmic, Cantilena (only one text/simple/homorhythmic), Treble Dominated (top voice melodic/rhythmic interest
Chanson Ballade, Virelai, Rondeau
Ballade aab(C)
Virelai AbbaA
Rondeau ABaBabAB
Lauda Songs of praise and devotion. Sung by Laudesi company members. Monophonic to polyphonic.
Canto carnascialesco Carnival songs. Florence. Performed before Lent and Feast of John the Baptist. Extolled merits of a guild, or poked fun at foreigners, or pushed social norms
Frottola Grew out of Barzalletta poetry. Root position chords, full triads, syllabic, short phrases, clear cadences, narrow melodic range, homophonic
Romanza Spanish, tells a story, strophic w/o refrain, historical events, quatrains of 8 syllables
Josquin's Masses Canonic, Cantus Firmus, Paraphrase
Chanson Rustiques Popular monophonic tunes, poetry deals w/ middle or lower class life, strophic, "sung to the tune of..."
Old Hall Manuscripts English 1410, ed. 1415-1420. Retrospective to 1370, Sections devoted to the Mass and sacred motets, Leonel Power
Petrucci 1501 - Harmonic musices Odhecaton A, 96 secular chanson, developed three step printing process
Attaingnant 1520s forward, developed a die for each note
Choralis Constantinus Written by Isaac. 3 vols. 1st vol. commission for town of Constance. Not published until 1550
Lied Short phrases, clear cadences, strophic, syllabic, homophonic, no set forms (can but doesn't have to)
Created by: cyncynwoods