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upper limbs (norris)

chapter 4 for mr norris

what is the main groups of the upper limbs or extremities? Hand,Forearm,Arm, and Shoulder griddle
The hand consists of how many bones? 27
The hand is subdivided into 3 group.What are they? PHALANGES:bones of digits(finger and thumb)METACARPALS:bones of palm and CARPALS:bones of wrist
The five digits are described by numbers and names.What are they? FIRST digit(thumb).SECOND digits(index finger).THIRD digit(middle finger).FOURTH digit(ring finger).FIFTH digit(small finger)
The digits contain a total of __ _____,which are ___ bones that cosits of a ____ body and ____ __. 14 phalanges;long bones;cylindric body;and articular ends
Nine phalanges have __ articular ends. 2
The first digits have __ phalanges and the other digits have __ phalanges 2 (proximal and distal) and 3 (proximal and middle and distal)
What do the distal phalanges look like? small and flattened, with roughended rim around their distal anterior end; this gives them a spatula-like appearance
What does each phalanx consits of? Head ,body, and base
The bones of the palm are called what and how many are there? Metacarpals and there are 5
What do metacarpals look like? cylindric in shape and slightly concave anteriorly
metacarpals are __ bones consisting of a ___ and _ __ ends, the __ distally and the __ proximally. long bones;body and 2 articular ends;head distal and base proximal
The area below the head of the metacarpals is the __? neck
Where do most fractures occur in the metacarpals? the neck
The metacarpals heads are also called what and are visible on doral hand flexion? knuckles
The first metacarpals contains 2 small __ bones on its __ aspect below the head. 2 small sesamoid bones; palmer
How are the metacarpals numbersed? 1 to 5 from lateral side of the hand
What do each metacarpals consists of? head, neck, body, and base
What is the name of the bones for the wrist and how many are there? carpals and there are 8
How are the carpals arranged? they are closely fitted together and arranged in two horizontal rows.
The carpals are classified as what type of bones ? short bones; composed largely of cancellous tissue w/ outer layer of compact bony tissue
Name the carpal bones that are the nearest to the forearm? proximal row:scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum and pisiform
Name the carpal bones that are furthest from the forarm? distal row: trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and hamate
Whats the name of the largest and smallest carpal bone in the proximal row? scaphiod (largest) and pisiform
What carpal bone is palpable near the base of the thumb? scaphiod
The carpal bone that articulates with the radius and what shape is the bone? lunate and crescent shape
The carpal bone that articultes anteriorly with the hamate and what shape is it? triquetrum and roughly pyramidal
What is the name of easily palpated bone of the carpals and what is the shape and where is it located? pisiform and pea-shaped bone and it is anterior to the triquetrum
The tubercles of the __ and scaphiod comprise the lateral margin of carpal groove trapezium
The __ has a smaller surface anteriorly then posteriorly. trapeziod
The __ articulates with the base of the third metacarpals and is the largest carpal. capitate
The __ shaped __ exhits the prominent hook of __, which is located on the anterior surface. wedge shaped hamate; hamate
The __ and the __ form the medial margin of the carpal groove. hamate;pisiform
This depression is triangular and is located on the posterior surface of the wrist and is visible when thumb is abducted and extended, what is the name? anatomic snuffbox
This is formed by the tendons of two major muscles of the thumb and overlies the scaphiod bone and radial artery. anatomic snuffbox
The most commonly fractured carpal bone is __ and signs suggesting fracture is __. scaphiod; the tenderness of the snuffbox
The anterior or palmer surface of the wrist is called? carpal sulcus
This contains two bones that lie parallel to each other,what is this? forearm
The name of the two bones that forn the forearm? radius and ulna
The radius and ulna are __ bones and they have a __ and two __ exterities. long;body;articular
How is the radius and ulna is located ? radius:lateral side of forearm and ulna:medial side
The upper portion of the ulna is __ and presents two __ __ processes and concave __. large; beak-like; depression
This is anteriorly and slightly inferiorly of the ulna and forms the proximal portion of the trochlear notch. olecranon process
This projects anteriorly from the anterior surface of the body of the ulna and curves slightly superiorly and is triangular. coronoid process
The __ __ is located on the lateral aspect of the coronoid process. radial notch
the distal end of the ulna includes a rounded process on its lateral side called the __ and a narrow projection called __. head; ulna styloid process
An articular disk seperates the head of the ulna from the wrist __. joint
The proximal end of the radius is small and presents a __ ____ head above a constricted area called the __. flat disklike;neck
On the medial side of the body of the radius is a roughened process called ___. radial tuberosity
The distal end of the radius is broad and flattened and has projection on its laderal suface called _____ radial styloid process
The arm has one bone called ? humerus
the proximal end of humerus articulates with the ? shoulder griddle
The entire distal end of the humerus is called ___ and articulates with bones of the forearm. humeral condyle
The __ and __ ____ of humerus are superior to the condyle and easily __. medial;lateral epicondyles; palpated
On the anterior suface superior to the troclea ,a shallow depression called ___ recieves the coronoid process when the elbow is flexed. coronoid fossa
A round, marble like structure capitulum
A bony prominence; easy palpated medial epicondyle
A spool-like structure thochlear
a depression; located on the anterior surface coronoid fossa
a depression; located on the posterior suface olecranon
Fliud filled cyst with a wall of fibrous tissue. bone cyst
Inflammation of the bursa bursitis
displacement of a bone from the joint space dislocation
disruption in the continuity of bone fracture
facture at the base of the first metacarpal bennetts
fracture at the metacarpal neck boxers
fracture of the distal radius with posterior (dorsal) displacement colles
fracture of distal radius with anterior (palmer) displacement smiths
impacted fracture with bulging of the periosteum torus or buckle
hereditary form of arthritis in which uric acid is deposited in joints gout
accumulation of fliud in the joint associated with an underlying condition joint effusion
transfer of a cancerous lesion from one area to another metastases
form of arthritis marked by progressive cartliage deterioration in synovial joints and vertebrae osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease
inflammation of bone due to a pyogenic infection osteomyelitis
increased density of atypically soft bone osteopetrosis
loss of bone density osteoporosis
chronic ,systemic,inflammatory collagen disease rheumatiod arthritis
new tissue growth where cells proliferation is uncontrolled tumor
maglignant tumor arising from cartliage cells chondrosarcoma
benign tumor cosisting of cartliage enchondroma
malignant tumor of bone arising in medullary tissue ewings sarcoma
malignant, primary tumor of bone with bone or cartliage formation osteosarcoma
abb of CMC carpometacarpal
abb of DIP distal interphalangeal
abb of IP interphalangeal
abb of MC metacarpal
abb of MCP metacarpophalangeal
abb of PIP proximal interphalageal
Intercarpal movement gliding
distal radioulnar movement rotational ( around a single axis )
proximal radioulnar movement rotational
elbow joint movement flexion, extension
interphalangeal movement flexion, extention
radiocarpal movement flexion, extention, abduction, adduction, circumduction
matacarpophalangeal movement flexion, extention, adbuction, adduction , circumduction
Created by: lisarodriguez