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Religion Test 1

test date: september 15th

testament the name to the two major parts of the bible;synonym for covenent
revelation gods communication of himself, of which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan.
private revelation revalations made in history which dont form part of the deposit of faith.
literal sense proper interpritation in which the author is inspired to use figures of speech.
oral tradition the living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the church.
deposit of faith the heritage of faith contained in sacred scripture and tradtion.
deuterocanical book and passages which were points of controversy in early christian history.
literal sense proper interpritation in which the author intends presisly what he was inspired to write.
septuagint a pre-christian greek translation of hebrew scripture.
doctrine revealed teachings of Christ.
bible sacred scripture
canon the churches complete list of sacred scripture in ther bible.
apocryphal books rejected from the bible
protocanical those books in the bible especially old testement whose inspired charecter had never been questioned.
typological sense. readings of the old testement which diserns in Gods Words Gods workds of th eold covenent.
proto-evangelium first gospel:passgae genisus 3:15
Levitcus named from its contents which deals entirely whith the services of god and the religious cerimonies.
israelites the jewish people chosen by god to be his people.
revelation unveiling
holocaust sacrifice in which the entire item of sacrifice was burned.
exodus gods saving intervention in history.
pentateuch the first 5 books of the old testement.
maesterium interprets what is revealed in scripture and tradition.
pharoah leader of the egyptians
passover jewish feast celebrationg freedom
original sin the sin by which the first human beings disobeyed the commandment of God.
old testement the forty six books of the bible, which record history of salvation.
atonment reperation for an offense through a volluntary action.
yahweh personal name of God of Isreal, meaning "I am who i am"
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