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Avanti Chapter 3

non...mai never
ogni tanto sometimes
senti/scusa listen, excuse me (informal)
senta/scusi listen, excuse me (formal)
sempre always
spesso often
troppo presto too early
troppo tardi too late
tutti i giorno/ogni giorno everyday
andare to go
aprire to open
arrivare to arrive
ballare to dance
bere to drink
capire to understand
cenare to eat dinner
cercare to look for
chiudere to close
dimenticare to forget
dormire to sleep
fare to do, to make
mi fa male la gamba my leg hurts
mi fanno male i piedi my feet hurt
finire to finish
frequentare to attend
giocare to play (a game)
guardare to watch, to look at
iniziare to begin
lavare to wash
lavorare to work
leggere to read
mangiare to eat
pagare to pay
parlare to talk, to speak
pranzare to eat lunch
praticare to practice
preferire to prefer
pregare to pray
prendere to take
pulire to clean
rientrare to come home
scrivere to write
servire to serve
spiegare to explain
studiare to study
suonare to play (an instrument)
tornare to return
uscire to go out (with others), to leave a place
venire to come
l'autobus bus
la biblioteca library
la chitarra the guitar
il cinema movie theater
la discoteca discoteque
l'e-mail e-mail
la mensa cafeteria
il pianoforte piano
il piatto plate
la rivista magazine
lo shopping shopping
i soldi money
lo sport sport
il telefonino cell phone
il telefono telephone
le vacanza vacation
il violino violin
lunedi monday
martedi tuesday
miercoledi wednesday
giovedi thursday
venerdi friday
sabato saturday
domenica sunday
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