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sadlier-oxford vocab

sadlier-oxford vocabulary chapter 4

affinity n.) a natural attraction to a person, thing, or activity; a relationship connection
bilious adj.) peevish or irritable; sickeningly unpleasant
cognate adj.) closely related in origin, essential nature, or function; (n.) such a person or thing
corollary n.) a proposition that follows from one already proven; a natural consequence or result; (adj.) resultant or consequent
culdesac n.) a blind alley or dead-end street; any situation in which further progress is impossible; an impasse
derringdo n.) valor or heroism; daring deeds or exploits(often used to poke fun at false heroics)
divination n.) the art or act of predicting the future or discovering hidden knowledge
elixir n.) a potion once thought capable of curing all ills and maintaining life indefinitely; a panacea; a sweet liquid used as a vehicle in medicinies
folderol n.) foolish talk, ideas, or procedures; nonsense; a trifle
gamut n.) an entire range or series
holpollol n.) the common people, the masses
inffable adj.) not expressible in words; too great or too sacred to be uttered
lucubration n.) laborious study or thought, especially at night; the result of such work
mnemonic adj.) relating to or designed to assist the memory; (n.) a device to aid the memory
obloquy n.) public abuse indicating strong disapproval or censure; the disgrace resulting from such treatment
parameter n.) a determining or characteristic element; a factor that shapes the total outcome; a limit, boundary
punit n.) a learned person; one who gives authoritative opinions
risible adj.) pertaining to laughter; able or inclined to laugh; laughable
symptomatic adj.) typical or characteristic; being or concerned with a symptom of a disease
svolte-face n.) an about-face; a complete reversal
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