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Ch 23 & 24 words

Key words

microorganism that lie on or within the body without causing disease normal flora
a medium that transports microorganism vehicle
the destruction of all microorganism sterilization/surgical asepsis
the occurrence of a chemical reaction in or near a flammable material that causes enough heat to generate a fire spontaneous combustion
abnormally low blood pressure hypotension
having a bluish coloration in the skin that indicates a lackof sufficient oxygen in tissues cyanotic
dust containing either endospores or droplet nuclei circulating the air airborne contamination
hives / rash urticaria
an infection that occurs when certain microorganism take advantage of the opportunity to invade in the absence of an immune response opportunistic infection
a receptacle for needles, syringes and other contaminated items capable of puncturing the skin sharps conatiner
the destrution of pathogensby chemical agents disinfection
a microorganism capable of causing disease pathogen
a warning mark that indicates a substance that may cause harm chemically or biologically biohazzard symbol
fainting syncope
a bacterial form that is generated to survive harsh environmental conditions endospore
complex single-cell animals that generally exist as free-living organisms but some are pathogenic parasites protozoa
a living organism too small to see with the naked eye microbe/microrganism
a temporary state of low blood pressure that causes patients to fell lightheaded or faint when first sitting up orthostatic hypotension
a rapid weak and inefficient heartbeat fibrillation
air hunger with rapid respirations hyperventilation
a rapid pulse or heart rate tachycardia
a sever allergic reaction anaphylaxis
a harsh high pitched sound during respiraion caused by obstructed bronchi stridor
an electric steam chamber that achieves high temperature under pressure for the purpose of sterilization autoclave
dizziness, a condition in which the patient feels as if they are whirling verttigo
patient is on both knees with his chest and one shoulder on the table Knee-chest position
recumbent oblique position Sims position
modification of the supine position in which the patient's head is elevated Fowler's position
patient's head is lower than the feet Trendelenberg position
patient is lying supine with the ankles in stirrups Lithotomy
the continuous abnormal flow of blood hemorrhage
abnormally high blood pressure Hypertension
a failure of circulation in which BP is inadequate to support O2 perfusion Shock
vomiting Emesis
reduction of the total number of microorganisms in an area Microbial dilution
contamination by droplets from an infectious individual’s nose or mouth Droplet contamination
difficulty breathing Dyspnea
a yeast or mold, one of huge class of microorganisms the may be either beneficial or pathogenic Fungi
the smallest and least understood of all infectious agents thought to be infectious proteins Prions
an individual infected with a pathogenic organism that does not contract the disease but is capable of spreading it to others Carrier
very small single cell microorganism that has a cell wall and an atypical nucleus without a membrane, some are pathogenic Bacteria
difficulty swallowing Dysphagia
pain “-itis”
a fine scarcely perceptible pulse Thready
Temporary interference with blood supply to the brain. Neurological deficit may last for only a few moments or several hours. Afterwards there is no evidence of occurrence. In some cases this a precursor to a CVA (stroke) Transient Ischemnic Attack (TIA)
A condition in which a person has a fruity-smelling breath (due to ketones being excreted cia the respiratory tract)is thirsty, urinates frequently as a result of extremely high glucose levels. Diabetic Coma
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