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Intro to Psyc

Intro to Psychology, Chapter 5 vocab, part one- first 16 words.

Consciousness Awareness of oneself and one's environment. Being Awake.
Selective Attention The focusing of attention on a particular stimulus.
Preconscious Descriptive of information that is not conscious but is retrievable into conscious awareness. Before being aware.
Unconscious A reservoir of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories of which we are unaware, but which influences our behavior. Not aware.
Nonconscious Descriptive bodily processes, such as hair growth, of which we are not aware. Completely unaware.
Altered State of Consciousness A type of consciousness other than normal waking consciousness.
Circadian Rhythm A regular sequence of biological processes, such as temperature and sleep, that occurs every 24 hours.
Rapid-Eye-Movement Sleep A stage of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements and linked to dreaming; also called REM sleep.
Insomnia A sleep disorder characterized by recurring problems in falling asleep or staying asleep.
Night Terror A sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and apparent terror; unlike nightmares, this sleep disorder is seldom remembered.
Sleep Apnea A sleep disorder in which breathing is interrupted.
Narcolepsy An uncommon sleep disorder characterized by brief attacks of REM sleep, often at inopportune moments.
Meditation A systematic narrowing of attention that slows the metabolism and helps produce feelings of relaxation.
Biofeedback A system for monitoring and feeding back information about certain biological processes, such as blood pressure.
Hypnosis A condition in which people appear to be highly suggestible and to behave as if they are in a trance.
Posthypnotic Suggestion instructions given to a person under hypnosis that are supposed to be carried out after the hypnosis session has ended.
Created by: jackie_t24