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Social Studies

5 themes of Geography

5 themes of geography Place, Region, Human-Enviornment Interactions, Location, and Movement
What does PRILM stand for? Place Region Interactions Location Movement
Includes Physical and Human Differences Place
Grouped together in general terms Region
How people and the enviornment interact Human-Enviornment Interactions
where a place is. includes General and Absolute Location
transportation of people,ideas, and things Movement
The 5 themes of Geography were originated by the.... National Geographic Society
The study of the earth and everything on it Geography
the study of landforms and waterforms physical geography
the study of people and their culture human geography
the study of the past history
the years before Christ was born B.C
refers to the years after Christ was born "Anno Domini" or A.D
"about or around. used with dates historians are unsure of circa
occasionally used in place of B.C. stands for "before common era" B.C.E
occasionally used in place of A.D. stands for "after common era" C.E
scientists that study people and societies Anthropologists
a group of people who have a common origin and share lauguage and history ethnic group
scientists who study organized groups of people sociologists
a group of people whose culture, race, or ethnic origin is different from that most people in a region minority group
a group of people whose culture, race, or ethnic origin is greater than half the total majority groups
scientists who study the interaction of people and society social scientists
4 characteristics of culture shared, learned, symbolic, adaptive
shows cardinal and intermediate directions compass rose
can be used to pinpoint locaton using the map's grid system latitude/longitued coordinates
used to arrange dates in sequential order timeline
shows relationship between distance inmap and distance in reality scale bar
explains what thesymbols or colors on a map mean key/legend
Created by: kirbylovergirl