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stress management1


Arousal is a blend of physiological and is a blend of physiological and psychological activation, varying in intensity along a continuum
Anxiety is a negative emotional state with feelings of worry, nervousness, and apprehension associated with activation or arousal of the body.
State anxiety refers to “right now” feelings that change from moment to moment
Trait anxiety is a personality disposition that is stable over time.
High- versus low-trait-anxious people usually have more _________ anxiety in highly evaluative situations. state
Stress A substantial imbalance between physical and psychological demands placed on an individual and his or her response capability under conditions in which failure to meet demands has important consequences.
Stress and the Stress Process--what are the 4 stages? 1. Environmental demand 2. Perception 3. Stress response 4. Behavioral consequences
Drive Theory As an individual’s arousal or state anxiety increases, so too does performance.
Inverted-U Hypothesis Performance increases as arousal increases until it reaches a peak and then performance decrease.
Why Arousal Influences Performance? Increased muscle tension and coordination difficulties Attention and concentration changes
Aggression Acting with the intent to physically or psychologically injure someone.
behavior is a forceful, goal-directed behavior that neither violates the rules of the environment nor intends to harm Assertive
Aggression is caused by __________ Frustration
Hostile or reactive aggression The primary goal is to inflict injury or psychological harm on another.
Instrumental aggression This is aggression occurring in the quest of some nonaggressive goal.
Consequences of aggression for the recipient injury, psychological harm, altered arousal level
CONSEQUENCES OF AGGRESSION FOR THE AGGRESSOR Penalization, injuries, altered arousal level, venting the anger, Success or failure,
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