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Hospitality mngmt

chapter 1-8

Moment of truth is an expression used to decribe a guest an associate meeting, as when a guest walks into a resturante
food services operations have the dual challenge of meeting the needs and wants of the guest, and the client (the instituion)
characteristics of hospitality -services are mostly intangible - there is a inseperatebilty to the production and consumption of the product, - there is also perishablilty (unsold rooms, vacant seats on airlines)
approx ___% of the american and canadian economies are engaged in service industries 70
a guest is someone who? recieves or benefits from the output of someones work.
for SUCCESS in SERVICE we need to... 1.) focus on the guest, 2.)understand the role of the guest-contact employee, 3.) weave a service culture into education and training systems. 4.)Emphasize high touch and not just high tech., 5.)thrive to change.
7 deadly sins of service 1.apathy, 2. brush off 3. coldness 4.Condescension 5.robotics 6. Rule book 7. Runaround.
Total Quality Management vs Quality control TQM focuses on prevention while QC focuses on detection.
Disney mantra "we create happiness"
Worlds largest industry? tourism! hello!
characteristics of tourism? 1.) 24-7, 2.)accounts for 10.2% of GDP 3.) employ 214millions people 7.8percent of global workforce. 4.)73.8 billion spent in the u.s.. 5.) leading producers of tax revenue 6.) 4.6 annual forecasted growth til 2015.
Trends in tourism 1.)opening of borders. 2.)disposable income. 3.)reasonably priced air fare. 4.)an increase in the about of people with time and money, 5.)more people with the urge to travel.
projected air travel by 2012 1 billion
benefits of hub and spoke? airlines can service more cities at a lower cost. and airlines can maxamize passenger loads from smaller cities therefor saving fuel.
what is the percent of all airline seats filled on the flight? load factor
Trends in Cruise ships... 1. the cruise market has increased dramatically in recent years. 2.)about 9 million americans cruise every year 3.)Rates vary from about 95 per person to about 850 per person (a day) 4.) carnival is the most successful netting about 20 % of total sales
mass market targets people with income 35000 to 74000
middle market targets incomes 75000 to 99000
luxury market targets incomes over 100K
economic impact of tourism 1.)international travelers spend about 94 billion a year in u.s. 2.)100 billions rgenerated in tax reciepts 3.)46million travelers visit the u.s. each year. 4.)tourism industry represents 1 in 11.7 job generated.
Multipler effect how many times a dollar bill is circulated in an economy, this dollar pays a bar tender, bar tender pays the toco bell, toco bell pays employees, they go to the bar, ect, ect, ect.
what percent of travel is pleasure travel? 82%
why people pleasure travel? 1. to experience new and different surroundings 2.)to see how others live, and see new cultrs 3.)Rest and Relaxation 4.)to visit friends and family view or particpiate in sporting events.
Facotrs that influence travel? 1.) entertainment 2.) Purchase opportunities 3.) Climate for comfort ( snow birds) 4.) Cost 5.) Special interest, golf, fishin, ect
business travel is on the decline due to... 1.) the economy 2.) Increased air fares 3.) a reduction in travel budgets 4.) terorism
Ecotourism is focused more on individual values, it is " tourism with a conscience" -minimize impact -respect locals -be socially respoinsbile
Sustainable tourism respect the environment, conserve the cultures , values , and authintecity of the host country.
cultural tourism motivated by interest in cultural events
hertiage tourism motivated by historic preservation
nature tourism motivated by nature ( hello!!)
trends in tourism 1.) eco, sustainable, and heritage tourism will continue to grow. 2.) tech will advc 3.) tourism arrivals will increase 3.)Governemts will increasingly recognize the importants of tourism. 4.) more bilateral treaties signed. 5.)move to private sector
the 2 driving forces of the development and operation of hotels? 1.) franchising 2.) management contracts
Franchising... began in 1907 with the Ritz, allows a company to grow with other peoples money, used to rapidly expand business, the franchise is granted the rights to use the name, trademarks, and operating prodcedures.
franchising fees usually 3 to 4 %
Benefits to the Franchisee Standard set of plans, national advertisement, cetralized reservation system, participation in volume discoutns, listing in franchsiors directory, lower fee percentage charged by credit card compaines.
Draw back to franchisee High fees to entry and royalties, central reservation system accounts for about 7-26% reservations, CONFORMITY, must maintain standards.
PRos to franchisor increased market share, and Up-front Fees
Cons to franchisor careful in selection of franchisees, difficulty maintaining standards and controls
Real estate investment trusts investors do not pay corp income tax but instead, they distribute at least 95% of net income to shareholders (Traded as stock)
Classification of hotels AAA diamond Award, inspecting and rating the nations hotels since 1977 , less than 2% are 5 diamond, AAA rates hotels in us, canada, mexico, and the caribbean.
Resort inclusive and diversified in accommodations
Airport hotels guest mix consist of business, group, and leisure travelers, generally in the 200 to 600 room size and are full service
Freeway hotel and motel covenient place to stay, reasonably riced, and with few frills
casino coming into financial mainstream, casino make more money from the gaming than hotel.
Convention provides facilites and meets the needs of groups attending and holding conventions
Full-service hotel offers a wide range of facilites, services, and amenities
Boutique hotels unique architechture, style, decor, and smaller in size.
time share fastest growning segment of the u.s. travel and tourism industry. TIME SHARE, $ 12,500 is the average cost to consumer.
Vacation ownership Fmore flexiable then timeshare, multiple resorts, members purshase POINTS, points are then used like money.
Created by: zbennet1
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