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SPED 730

October 4, 2010

What is the most likely cause when a person's reading comprehension is lower than their listening comprehension? Inaccurate and slow word recognition
Why do older students avoid reading when they are poor readers? It is taxing, slow, and frustrating
What are some difficulties presented when poor readers avoid reading for these reasons? The are not familiar with vocabulary, sentence structure, text organization, and concepts of academic "book" language
Very poor readers must have their _____________ _______ strengthened. Phonological skills
Less severely impaired readers need to work on ___________ _______ _______. Text reading fluency
If students can decode, they need practice on and exposure to ________________. Vocabulary
The ability to map speech sounds to letter symbols is called the __________ principle. Alphabetic
The ability to recognize letter sequences accurately and quickly is called ___________ processing. Orthographic
How many words per minute do adults typically read? 300
Older poor readers can be taught to read if what two following elements are incorporated into the curriculum? Foundational language skills and opportunity to apply those skills in meaningful text reading
Putting new information into categories grouped by date, people, formulas, etc. is a strategy called what? Sort information
Studying new information the same day you heard or read it is a strategy called what? Frequent review
Using colored pens, highlighters, post-it notes, and flags to organize information into categories is a strategy called what? Color coding
Pictures, graphs, charts, tables, time lines, and illustrations are examples of what? Visual aids
How does turning memory practice into a game help a student remember information? The process of making the game and then playing it
What is a good starting point when teaching time management? Task analysis
What is task analysis? The process of identifying what needs to get done to finish a given undertaking
What is the purpose of a Task Analysis and Time Estimation worksheet? To raise a student's awareness of the multiple steps involved to complete a task
What are two problems students face when preparing for a task? Underestimating the time it will take and not having enough time to complete; overestimating the time it will take to complete and feeling overwhelmed
Created by: kmarshall82