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test overview

exam 2

Write a word that has a closed syllabe pattern. Cat
How is a closed syllabe pattern code? vc
Aword that is pronounced like another word or words, but differs in spelling and meaning for example, hymn,him;son,sun are called Homophones
The SCHWA sound is only found in _______ syllables. unstressed
Write a consonant letter that will influnce the vowel sound that precedes it. R-influence
List four things that are studied at the Within-Word Pattern stage. short and long vowels,complex consonant,diphthong,r-influence
What is an open syllable? Ends with a long vowel CV
Acomplex speech sound that begins with one vowel sound and glides to another within the same syllable is called Dighthong
What is a breve? Diacretical mark that is used to code a short vowel sound.
What is a Marcon? _ diacritical mark that is use to code the phonemes straight above the letter
Do the following words have the same vowel? Bake,gate,autum, and tall. No
A common English ending consonant of a vowel plus consonant or consonants or sometimes stated as the vowel plus what follow is called rime
Write a word that has a diphthong. moon
Write a word that rhymes with were. sir
Write a word that has a vce pattern bake
What does the e indicate or make on the above word? long vowel sound
What are the uses of a final silent e ? histortically left over
What is a consonant diagraph? represent one sound sh,ch,th,wh
Write a word with a beginng consonant blend share, twin
Write a word to show the four different r-influence phonemes. car,fair,for,fur
What does instructional peacing meaning? where they learn the best
Every syllables must have ____vowels and consonants. a
What is the alphabetic principle? The concepts that letters and letter combination are used to represent letters phonems in orthography.
Give an example of an onset as in onset and rime, /b/ /a/ /g/ onset /b/ rime /ag/
What are the three patterns for long vowels sound? vce,vvc,vv
What are three patterns for long vowel sound? a-e (cave), ee(green), e(theme)
Write a word with a long o phoneme. moon
Write a word with a short o phoneme. book
What is meant by the statement use but confuse? instructional placing fit for there development stage
The ow in snow is a dighthongs/vowel digraph. Underline the connect anwser. vowel digraph
Write the vowel digraph rule. hear one vowel and the other is silent
List the four things that children know at the end of the letter name stage that makes them really for the with-in words pattern stage preconantal nasals consonants,blends,digraph,consonants
What is the the spelling stage in which students use phonetic spelling strategy in which they focus on the letter-sound match? Letter name
Created by: lyndi
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