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NeuropharmLecture3MarijuanaFor Test 2

What are the receptors for marijuana? CB1 and CB2 CB1 seems to be the primary receptor but THC does not bind there Both of these receptors are g protein coupled.
Where are the receptors for marijuana in the cortex and all over the brain
What is the drug prescribed in Europe to treat obesity? Rimonabant-an antagonist cannabinoid used in Europe to treat Obesity Possibly because of the receptors in the Hypothalamus
What is the CB1 agonist subscribed for nausea and vommitting in cancer patients Dronabinol is a CB1 agonist used for stimulating appetite in cancer patients.
What are the endogenous agonists? 1.)ananamide 2) arachidonylglycerol
What is Birneys Catarhh Cure? Used For treating inflammation of the mucous membrane. Birneys contained 4% cocaine and 20% alcohol.
What is Mrs Winslows Soothing Syrup? Used for teething children Mrs Winslows syrup contained 96% Opium
What is Paragoric 1 grain of opium (the size of a rice pellet)450 drops of alcohol. Was made for diarhea and used up until the 1970's
What is Laudinum This is Laudinum (1 grain opium-25 drops of alcohol
Who outlawed Marijuana and used the Bureau of Narcotics to do it? Harry Anslinger he was the one that started all the crazy media hype like making the movie Reefer Madness
What drug is known as a CB1 agonist? Marijuana
What was the name of the Drug Law enacted in the 1970's and what did it involve? The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control established in the 1970's They scheduled drugs by their potential for abuse or danger. Marijuana is Schedule I non medicinal use with High potential for abuse and addiction its right up there with Heroin
What was the Omnibus Drug Law It was enacted in the 1990's because of all the problems with drug dealers so now it is not so much the law involved for treatment but to criminalize drug use and be able to have absolute power
What happens when CB1 receptors are activated? There is a significant analgesic affect
What is thought to be affected by long term marijuana use? The Amotivational Center
How does CB1 effect Parkinsons models of study? Some evidence shows that it has a small impact on motor performance.
Created by: julie livingston