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Musculoskeletal Intr

Introduction to Musculoskeletal disorders

What is inflammation of fluid filled sacs located throughout the body that decrease friction between 2 structures? bursitis
what is the overstretching of a joint ligament accompanied by a tearing of the fibers, causing pain and instability of the joint? sprain
What is the teraing of muscle fibers, cuased by a sudden contraction of a muscle or excessive stretch to muscle? strain
What type of fx: injury to the bone where a tendon or ligament attaches to the bone, the tendon or ligament pulls off a piece of the bone? avulsion
What type of fx is caused by disease that weakens the bones? pathological
What type of burn is causes the most pain? 2nd degree
What type of skin graft is taken from another human source? allograft
What are the four cardinal signs of inflammation? redness (rubor), heat (calor), swelling (tumor), and pain (dolar)
What are most musculoskeletal problems associated with? muscle imbalance
What is flexibility dependent upon? muscle that cross joints, and accessory motion available at a joint
What is an important therapuetic intervention for adhesive capsulitis? joint mobilization - to strecth tight capsule
What is a TIA? stroke like symptoms that last less than 24 hours
What is dysphagia? difficulty swallowing
What is perseveration? continued repetition of words, thoughts or acts not related to current text
What is homonymous hemianopsia? loss of half of the visual field - same side both eyes
What is the Rancho Los Amigos - level of cognitive functioning scale? an outline of predictable sequence of congnitin and behavioral recovery in individuals as they emerge from a coma
What part of the nervous system is affected by MS? CNS
What neurotransmitter is deficient in Parkinson's Disease? dopamine
What type of gait is associated with Parkinson's Disease? festinating
What motor neurons are associated with ALS? upper and lower/ CNS and PNS
Is mental status and intelligence impaired with ALS? no
What nervous system is associated with GBS? PNS
What is the prognosis of ALS? death usually by respiratory failure in 3-5 years
What is the prognosis of GBS? 85% regain full and functional recovery
What is the prognosis of MS? most have normal life expectency - 90-95%
Created by: TCarroll