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Personality Chpt 9

behavioral genetics attempts to explain how individual differences in behavior
evolutionary psychology attempts to explain how patterns of behavior that characterize all humans originated in the survival value
eugenics the belief that humanity could be improved through selective breeding
cloning the belief that it might be possible to produce a complete duplicate of a human being
phenotype the observable traits of a person
genotype underlying genetic structure
heritability coefficient (r mz - r dz) x2
association method tries to determine whether most differences in a particular gene across most individuals
alleles different forms of the same gene
epigenetics determine how or even whether a gene is expressed during development
mate selection what one looks for in the opposite sex
mating strategies how one handles heterosexual relationships
sexy son hypothesis hot bad father means hot bad son
psychopathy a behavioral style of deception and deceit
biological reductionism reduces everything in the mind to biology