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6S study cards

A picture on a map showing the cardinal direction Compass Rose
The difference between the distance in real life Scale
A marking that represents something Symbol
Something that decodes a figure Key
A person that makes maps Cartographer
A series of horizontal and vertical lines Grid
Estimation of a unknown value Interpolation
Measures the distance north and south of the equator Latitude
Distance from east to west from the prime meridian Longitude
Lines Extending in the same direction that never intersects and goes on forever. Parallel
Great circle of earth’s passing Meridian
Twisting out of shape Distortion
Shortest distance from 2 points on a round surface Great Circle
Drawing the round earth on a flat surface Physical Map
A cliff, slope or drop off into the sea Fjord
A part of the sea partially enclosed by land Gulf
Wide inlet of the sea or lake Bay
The continuous body of salt water Sea
The bed of a running stream or river Channel
A stream that flows Stream
Narrow waterway Strait
A natural stream of water River
Protected inlet of the sea Harbor
End of a river mouth
A spring that is a starting point of a stream Source
An artificial waterway Canal
Large, moving mass of ice Glacier
Going against the current toward the source Upstream
In the direction of the current stream toward the mouth Downstream
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