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Chapters 1, 2 & 22

Long Radiography essentials

area where patients are examined and treated. Includes consulting rooms, exam rooms, treatment rooms, laboratory facilities and x-ray department back office
a public area and includes the reception desk, the patient waiting area and the desks or offices of those who deal with medical records, billing and insurance claims front office
someone who performs a variety of office procedures that do not involve imaging medical assistant
a radiologic technologist who has written and passed the certification examination in radiographer given by the ARRT radiographer
a device that contains a moving grid bucky (potter-bucky)
a device that protects the film damage and exposure to light during radiography cassette
one of the two types of digital imaging systems-cassette based digital imaging because the image of the body part is obtained using storage phosphor computed radiography (CR)
the threat of touching in an injurious way assault
describes an attitude characterized by the calm, firm expression of feelings or opinions assertive
an unlawful touching of a person without consent battery
a sensitivity to the needs of others that allows one to meet those needs constructively empathy
an act of negligence in the context of the relationship between a prefessional person and a patient or client malpractice
beliefs or principals based on familial and societal standards that influence morals
the priorities that are placed on the significance of moral concepts values
establishes standards and examinations necessary to certify radiologic technologist ARRT
world's oldest and largest radiologic science professional organization ASRT
conducts accreditation of schools of radiologic technology JRCERT
individual who is licensed to perform limited radiology procedures LXMO
x-ray picture radiograph
a doctor who specializes in diagnosis by means of medical imaging radiologist
absorption of the x-ray beam in matter, usually the human body attenuation
the area of an x-ray room that is lead lined and houses the control console control booth
the part of the x-ray machine that has various knobs to set technique, and expose Control console
a special mechanism that tends to stop a moving part in a specific location detent
the device that receives the energy of the x-ray beam and forms the image of the body part. May be a screen-film cassette, a computed radiography image plate, or a solid-state digital receptor Image receptor – (IR)
the image contained in the film before it is processed Latent image
the area in which will be radiated Radiation field
the radiation that exits or leaves the patient’s body and exposes the film Remnant radiation
radiation that is scattered or created as a result of attenuation of the primary beam by matter; radiation that hits matter and changes direction Scatter radiation
the mass density of a body part Tissue density
the position of the patient in which the head is lowered at least 15 degrees Trendelenburg position
barrel-shaped lead lined structure that encases the x-ray tube Tube housing
the opening in the tube housing in which the primary x-ray beam exits the tube Tube port
a glass vacuum tube that houses the items needed to make x-rays x-ray tube
describes an attitude characterized by the angry or hostile and forceful expression of feelings or opinions aggressive
the process of adding information to a document or medical record charting
rules that apply values and moral standards to activities within a profession to define professional behavior ethics
national characteristics of individuals originally were identified with specific areas ethnic
the written acceptance of any procedure that is considered experimental or that involves substantial risk informed consent
written the malicious spreading of information that results in defamation of character or loss of reputation libel
the omission of reasonable care or caution Negligence
– the legal doctrine which states that the employer is liable for employees’ negligent acts that occur in the course of their work Respondeat superior
verbal malicious spreading of information that results in defamation of character or loss of reputation slander
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