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NPTE: Prof Roles

Administration, Health care roles, Documentation, Legal Issues

The primary reason for keeping records... The improvement of patient care
Reasons for keeping records... Improvement of pt care, requirements of 3rd party payers, research, medicolegal, communication among clinicians, educational
What decreases your chances of being sued for malpractice? A good rapport with patients & families
What must be obtained before providing any person other than pt with medical information? A written medical release
When does a pt's parents have access to pt's medical information? Pt is younger than 18 years old
Give an example of person-first terminology. "A male with a spinal cord lesion at C5 resulting in quadriplegia"
What does SOAP stand for? S-Subjective O-Objective A- Assessment P-Plan
Who is responsible for writing the discharge plan? The Physical Therapist
If a pt has met all goals or has reached maximum benefit from PT treatment, what is the therapist's next step? Discharge pt from treatment & write a discharge plan
In an inpatient hospital setting, who is responsible for discharging the pt? The Physician
Define Quality Assurance An evaluation of pt care, assures the accountability of those providing the care
Define Peer Review The evaluation of a practitioner's care by her/his colleagues
Define Utilization Review A written program that assures proper use of a facility's funds and personnel related to medical necessity
Define Program Evaluation Based on assessing the management of pt's with specific diagnosis; comparisons between outcomes
Define Policy as it relates to Policy & Procedures Manuals Provides extensive information about what is to be done and who is responsible
Define Procedures as it relates to Policy & Procedures Manuals Provides extensive information that is specific to where, when and HOW an activity is accomplished
Define Operating Budget A financial projection, that lists amounts of funds allotted to cover specific expenses including salaries, benefits, supplies, utilities, linen, housekeeping, maintenance...etc
Define Capital Budget A financial projection, for a specific time period, that lists amounts of funds allotted to cover specific expenses related to purchasing of new buildings or equipment
Define Accounts Payable Amount of money owed by a practice or rehab service for goods or services purchased to help run facility or service
Define Accounts Receivable Amount of money owed by patients or others to the PT practice
4 Main guidelines of Ethical Principles 1. provide equal tx to all pts without regard to status, insurance coverage, race, sexual preference, etc. 2. Doing no harm 3. Respect pt's autonomy (give pts options regarding tx) 4. Select the best tx for the situation (related to safety)
What is JCAHO: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations? Primarily responsible for setting the standards for hospitals & determining if minimal standards are being met
What is CARF: Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities? Sets standards & determines if rehab hospitals, work hardening programs, & other outpt rehab clinics are meeting minimal standards in order to get accredited
What is CMS: Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services? A federal agency that determines what and how much will be reimbursed by Medicare for pt care
What is OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration? A federal agency responsible for determining the safety of work environment
Medicares definition of "daily" is... 7 days of skilled nursing & 5 days of skilled therapy per week
Requirements of Medicare and Medicaid for hospice care... require that 80% be provided at the home
Eligibility for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement for Hospice care includes Medicare eligibility & certification by physician of terminal illness (< or = to 6 months)
Medicare Part A covers... In-patient hospital care (limits # of hospital days), Skilled nursing facilities for first 100 days, HHA, Hospice care
Medicare Part B covers... Physician visits, Outpt lab tests & x-rays, Outpt physical & occupational therapy, Home health care provided by pT in indep. practice, Durable med equipment, residents of long-term care facilities
Medicaid covers... provides health care services to the poor, elderly, disabled regardless of age who do not receive Medicare
HIPAA privacy rule... Patient confidentiality is maintained in all oral, written, and electronic forms
List components of the ICF Model: International Classification of Functioning Function: Body Functions, Body Structures, Activities, Participation Disability: Impairments, Activity Limitations, Participation restrictions
Documented goals should address... Who will participate in the activity. A detailed description of activity. The connection of activity to specific function. A specific measure of success. A time measure.
Before providing a service or planning a new facility what should be done first? A Needs Assessment
What is a Needs Assessment composed of? Internal factors: strengths & weaknesses of organization to meet needs of consumer External factors: true wants & needs of target population
The Four Basic Steps of Program Development 1. Needs Assessment 2. Program Planning 3. Program Implementation 4. Program Evaluation
Types of Utilization Review Prospective Review, Concurrent Review, Retrospective Review, Statistical Utilization Review, Peer Review, Audit/Program evaluation
What type of approach to pt care is considered the most effective in today's health care system? Inter-disciplinary approach
What is IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act? Ensured children with disabilities receive appropriate, free public education
Which category of the ICF does Manual Muscle Testing test for? Body Structure & Function
Which category of the ICF model does the Dynamic Gait Index test for? Body Structure & Function
Which category of the ICF does the Stroke Impact Scale test for? Participation
Which category of the ICF does the SF-36 test for? Participation
Which category of the ICF does the Berg Balance Scale test for? Body Structure & Function
Created by: zimrizzle
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