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02 Devices-HCCRT

Anatomic Reservoir Fills with O2 during the pause between inspiration and expiration and helps raise the FiO2 in the lungs
Normal Inspiratory Flow Rate 40 to 60 LPM
Nasal Cannula is high flow or low flow system? Low Flow System
Nasal Cannula Fi02 1 Lpm= 24%, 2 Lpm= 28%, 3 Lpm= 32%, 4 Lpm= 36%, 5 Lpm= 40%, 6 Lpm= 44%
Nasal Catheter is high flow or low system? Low Flow System
Simple O2 mask is a high flow or low flow system? Low Flow System
Why is the minimum flow 5 Lpm for a Simple O2 mask? If flow rate is too low, patient will re breathe CO
High Flow systems Designed to satisfy the patients inspiratory demands. Usually use a "mixing cartridge" or other feature.
Low Flow Systems Not designed to satisfy all the patients inspiratory demands
Is the Venturi Mask a high flow or low flow system? High Flow System
Qualifications of a Low Flow System RR<25, normally 8-25; Vt= 350 ml to 700 ml, Respiratory pattern regular and consistent
Is the Non Breathing Mask a high flow or low flow system? Fixed performance high flow system
Non Breathing Mask Fi02= 95%, Two one way valves, Bag, Flow between 10 to 15 Lpm; Bag should never collapse. If so, flow rate is too low.
How to convert from a Non Breathing mask to Partial Rebreathing Mask Remove valves and reduce flow rate by 2-3 L. CO2 does not increase because last 1/3 of air inhaled from the air is exhaled in the bag and the rest of air (CO2) exits the mask.
Continuous Aerosol Oxygen Delivery Devices Trach Collar, Aerosol Tree/Briggs Adapter, Aerosol Mask, Face Tent
Small Volume Nebulizers Used for short time aerosol medication administration "aerosol treatment"
Large Volume Nebulizers Used for artifical airways and patients straight off vent to moisturize throat and vocal cords. Also used on Aerosol Devices
Created by: sweetpea15kp
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