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embalming theory

Briannes anatomy

What is the definition of health? "the complete physical, mental and social well being of an individual, not merely the absence of disease.
What is the definition of embalming? the complete disinfection, preservation and restoration of a dead human body for funeral purposes.
How many micro-organisms can proper embalming kill? 99% of micro-organisms.
Who wrote the History of embalming? Gannel
Which ancient civilization had a purification ceremony following death? Romans
This ancient civilization used cedar oil to dissolve viscera Egyptians
The prohibitive chemicals list was developed because of this newly emerging branch of science Foransic
He is credited as being the first to perfect arterial injection as a means of preservation Ruysch
In ancient Egypt this person marked the incision location scribe
Early embalming was done to make this type of specimen anatomical
Anthony Vanleeuwenhoek invented this microscope
Father of modern day embalming homes
medieval embalmers were not funeral directors they were physicians
A death professional with specialized skills and training undertaker
This english physician discovered circulation of the body Harvey
This ancient civilization was concerned with the body returning to earth as soon as possible Jews
In early years, embalmers used oil of turpentine, lavender and... rosemary
Roman slaves hired to take charge of the deceased pollinctors
Men embalmed men and women embalmed women in this ancient civilization Gaunche
This ancient civilization immersed the deceased in vats of wax or honey Syrians
Fearing persecution, Ancient Christians buried their dead all night in... catacomb
The name for the city of the dead Necropolis
Malpighi is credited as the founder of... histology
Said to be the first to embalming without evisceration Clauderus
In the early years this was used as a means of preservation Ice
Used by the ancient egyptians to dehydrate Natron
Was used in later years of embalming but was banned because it was a popular poison Arsenic
Which Hunter brother was first to inject using the femoral artery and used plaster of paris to dehydrate? William Hunter
Leonardo Da vinci is said to have_______body parts so he had more time to draw or sculpt Embalmed
How do you prevent getting infection -Universal precautions -Disenfection--primary, concurrent, terminal -constant awareness
what is UP? The constant application of barrier precautions when handling the blood and body fluids of persons requiring direct or indirect contact care
What is PPE? Personal, protective, equipment- gloves, masks, protective eye wear, gowns (hair covering, shoe covering)
When was the first metioning of embalming Genesis 50:2
Who was the first to note the relationship between death and disease? Egyptians
what place was embalming made mandatory through religious laws? Egyptians
Who believed the soul was immortal? Egyptians
What do the Egyptians believe happened following death? Soul would roam earth for 3,000 years, its called the "circle of necessity"
Egyptians believed that as the as the body remained intact, the ______could return Soul
Embalmers were members of... priesthood
Embalmers were trained by medical professionals
What does scribe Lawyer-marked incision length and location on left flank as prescribed by law
What did the dissector do Made the incision, then dropped knife and ran. I had to run because he was target of stones because he defiled and mutilated the body
Necropolis was the city of the.... dead
Necropolis contained all the facilities necessary for the care of the... dead (cemetaries,crypts, tombs)
Aunbis is the god of what? Embalming
Classification of Embalming Aunbis
Why are there many discrepancies in the actual Aunbis procedure because of errors in translation
What is the first step for the most expensive funerals for egyptians? 1.Removed brain through nose with long small spoon (peircing the ethomoid bone). Sometimes through eye socket. Then the cranial is re-packed with bandage strips soaked in resin or bitumen.
What is the second step for the most expensive funerals for egyptians? Evisceration
What is the third step for the most expensive funerals for egyptians? Natron
What is step four for the most expensive funerals for egyptians? Removal of natron
what is the fifth step for the most expensive funerals for egyptians? bandaged and spiced
What is Evisceration? Vicera removed through incision in flank, washed in wine and spices. Done by the dessector, embalmer.
What is Natron? A dry compound that covered dead body for 20-70 days. salt composition of chloride, carbonate, sodium
Well being bandaged and spiced where is the viscera placed? Either back in the body or in canopic jars
Gaunches methods were Evisceration and desiccation methods
Flint stone used to make an incision called? Tabona
(Gaunches) Mummified bodies called... Xaxos
(Gaunches) It was the _______ embalming method Perfect
What did the Babylonians, persians and syrians do? Immersion of body in large vat of honey or wax
What did the immersion in large vat of honey or wax do? Created Anaerobic shield around body
Why was the immersion in large vat of honey or wax method imperfecgt? Doesnt preserve inside of body
Who practiced mummification, although no particular process was recorded? Peruvians
peruvian mummies were found... squatting with knees under chin and coins and gold in mouth
peruvian bodies were... wrapped in cotten or wool and bound with crude rope and then wrapped in coccoa mats
Who delayed burial for 3 days? Ancient Greeks
Ancient greeks anointed body with oils and spices
What was placed in and around the body if you were an ancient greek? Coin placed in mouth and cake of honey placed beside the body
Preparation for an ancient greek funeral was done by? The family
Who was among the first credited with cremation as disposition? Ancient Greeks
These people viewed embalming and creamation as mutilation to the body Ancient Jews
Ancient Jews anointed the body with_______ and _____, then wrapped it in linen oils and spices
It is important that the ancient jews returned the undefiled body to _____ asap. Earth
Ethipians practices were very similar to the ________ practices egyptians
In this practice you could find up to 10 bodies in a single grave. Ancient christians
If you were an ancient christian where would the initial burial take place? catacombs
Whose preparations of the deceased were very religious? Ancient first nations people.
First nation people did what to the body after it was deceased Split the body down the back and removed skin
These people removed bones, muscle and tissue and exposed them to the sun for dehydration Ancient first nations people
For first nations people ___________ were left to hold skeleton together and then the skeleton dried in the sun Sinews
To preserve the skin Ancient first nations people used ________ oil greases
After first nations dehydrated and preserved the skin they replaced the skeleton into the skin and reformed the body using.... sand
What would you find if you looked in the basket near the feet of the first nations people? Dried flesh sewn together
After the body was prepped where was the body placed when talking about first nations people in cave or in buried in ground.
When preparing for a medium priced funeral what would the body be injected with? Cedar oil
How long was natron typically applied on the body for? 20-70 days
After the natron was a applied for 20-70 days what was the next step for a medium priced funeral? body was washed, d
How did wine help the body? disinfected the body
How did spices help the body? helped preserve the body
Anthony Venleewenhoek invented the... Microscope
Who futhered Malpighis work? Vanleeuwenhoek
Who was named the "father of mircobiology" Vanleeuwenhoek
Who was the "father of embalming?" Dr. Fredrick Ruysch
Why was Ryysch credited of being the father of embalming? He was the first to perfect successful system of arterial injection as means of preservation
Who published the description of this method of embalming without evisceration? Clauderus
Who injected cavities with balasmic spirit? Clauderus
Gabriel Clauderus was a german physician
William hunter was a scottish anatomist
Who was credited over Ruysch as first to successfully adopt the art of injection? William hunter
Who was the first to use the femoral art for injection? Wiliam hunter
In this period only some royality were embalmed but other then that not much embalming was happening? medival period through mid 19th century
What were some of the materials used in earlier years? Oil of turpentine, camphor spirit, oil of lavender, oil of rosemary, vermillion, wine
What were some of the materials used in later dates? Zinc Compounds, arsenic, alcohols, aluminum compound and zinc sulphate
Leonardo Da Vinci was known as a sculpter, paintor and inventor
This man dissected human bodies to produce hundreds of anatomical plates (drawings) Leonardo Da Vinci
William Harvey was a English physician
This man discovered the circulation of bloood William Harvey
Marcello Malpighi was an Italian anatomist
Malpighi was the founder of histology
Who was credited with the discovery of capillary circulation and anastomosis Malpighi
John Hunter was brothers with William hunter
Who perfected the "hunterian Method" John Hunter
Who made embalming available to the general public by publishing "histore des Embaumements" gannel
Who offered embalming to the public for a fee? Gannel
Who was an educator in anatomy, sanitationa and public health? Richard Harlan
Richard Harlan was one of the first to use ________ as disinfection? Creosote
Who translated Gannels book into english> Harlan
Harlan believed that embalming prevented the spread of disease
In the modern period the embalming preservatives were now mostly poisonous (arsenic, metalliac)
The published the accurate discription of HCHO? Butler
Who prepared HCHO? Hofmann
The civil war was was largely responsible for the development of ___________ in North America Embalming
Who was the "father of modern embalming" Homes
When the war broke out this man moved to washington and embalmed up to 4,028 officers and soldiers
Who had strict instructions not to be embalmed Holmes
What we some factors that affected modern day embalming? Chemicals used to harsh on both the body and the operator
Embalmers skill was not as good as it could have been. finished product didnt always look good
Perservation by ice was still the main method.
Created by: brianneforbes
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