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ztutz verb idioms

Italian verb combos

andare/venire a piedi to walk orto go/to come on foot
andare a cavallo to go horseback riding
andare/venire in macchina to go/to come by car
andare/venire in autobus to go/to come by bus
andare in bici to go by bike
andare/venire in treno to go/to come by train
andare/venire in aereo to go/to come by plane
andare/venire in traghetto to go/to come by ferry
andare in barca a vela to go sailing
andare a + città, isola piccola, ... to go toa city, small island, ...
andare in + paese, stati, regioni, isole grandi, ... to go to a country, a state, a region, a large island, ...
venire da to come from
fare una passeggiata to take a walk
fare un pisolino to take a nap
fare due passi to take a short walk
fare la spesa to go shopping (grocery)
fare due chiacchiere to chat
fare le spese to shop (like for clothing)
fare una telefonata to make a phone call
fare bella figura to impress; to make agood impression
fare una foto to take a picture
fare benzina to get gas
fare le fusa to purr
fare autostop to hitchhike
fare la valigia to pack a suitcase
fa bello it’s nice out (weather)
fare un viaggio to take a trip
fa brutto it’s not nice out (weather)
fare la fila to wait in line
fa caldo it’s hot (temperature)
fare una domanda to ask a question
fa freddo it’s cold (temperature)
fare colazione to have breakfast
fa fresco it’s cool (temperature)
fare merenda to have a snack
fare schifo to disgust
avere ___ anni to be ___ years old
avere bisogno di to need
avere caldo to be hot
avere fame to be hungry
avere freddo to be cold
avere fretta to be in a hurry
avere paura (di) to be afraid (of)
avere ragione to be right
avere sete to be thirsty
avere sonno to be sleepy
avere torto to be wrong
avere voglia di to desire (something)
Created by: ztutz