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Family Life Vocab

FLE Vocab Review

The time of rapid growth and physical maturation? Puberty
The lining of the uterus? Endometrium
The egg producing glands? Ovaries
The organ that houses a fetus during pregnancy? Uterus
The birth canal,passageway for the menstrual flow, and the female sex organ? Vagina
The shedding of the uterine lining is called? Menstruation
The lower portion of the uterus? Cervix
The hormone producing gland located at the base of the brain? Pitiutary gland
The tube through which an egg travels? Fallopian tube
The area of the brain that controls the pituitary? Hypothalamus
When an egg is released from an ovary? Ovulation
The hormaone that prepares the uterus to receive a fertilized egg> Progesterone
The main female hormone that is produced in the ovaries? Estrogen
The external sex organs? Genitals
The tube through which urine leaves the body? Urethra
Where urine is stored? Bladder
The male organ for urination and reproduction? Penis
A doctor who specializes in female reproduction? Gynecologist
Liquid containing sperm cells? Semen
Union of a sperm cell and an egg cell? Fertilization
Where sperm cells are produced? Testes
The male sex cell? Sperm
A common site for cancer in men, this gland produces fluid to keep the sperm alive after ejaculation? Prostate
The external sac of skin that houses the testicles? Scrotum
The main male hormone? Testosterone
When the spongy tissue in the penis gets engorged with blood? Erection
The tube that carries sperm from the testicle to the seminal vesicle? Vas deferens
Small gland located at the base of the prostate? Cowpers
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