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Ligament Injury

Ligament Injury of the Ankle

What ligament is acounts for 25% of all injuries in sports? Inversion ankle sprains resulting in injury to the lateral ligament
What is the most popular ankle ligament to get sprained? Lateral ligament 95% of the time
How does a lateral ligament sprain occur? Plantar flexion, inversion, and add. of foot and ankle
A 1st degree sprain is according to Leach comparing to Standard? Leach: Single ligament rupture, Ant. Talo fibular lig. torn. Standard: Grade III, Over-Stretched ligament
A 2nd degree sprain is according to Leach comparing to Standard? Leach: 2 lig. are ruptured, ATF and Fibulocaneal are torn. Standard: Grade II, partially torn single ligament
A 3rd degree sprain is according to Leach comparing to Standard? All 3 lat. lig. are completely torn, ATF, fibulocanceal, & posterior talofibular. Standard: A single lig. that is completely torn
How often is the Medial lig/Deltoid lig. injuried? Quite rare-occur in only 3-5% of all ankle sprains
How does a Medial lig/Deltoid lig injury occur? Combination with ankle fx cused by excessive eversion
How are Medial lig/Deltoid lig partial tears repaired? Non surgically
What happens when there is complete rupture of the Medial lig/Deltoid lig with a fx? Repaired surgically with ORIF
What is the WB status of a pt after a surgical repair of Medial lig/Deltoid lig? NWB 6 weeks/to progressive WB
What is Syndesmosis? These two bones, the tibia (shin bone) and fibula, run from the knee down to the ankle. They are joined together by this ligament called the "syndesmosis" or "sydesmotic ligament."
What connects the two bones? Interosseus membrane
What is a high ankle sprain? Syndesmosis injury
How does a high ankle sprain usually occur? Twisting of the tibia/fibua on a planted foot
What ligaments involved in a high ankle sprain? ATF lig. and posterior inferior tibofibular
What does a ATF stand for? Anterior Tibiofibular lig.
What happend if there is a change or pathology in one joint in the ankle and foot complex? It influences the entire lower kinematic chain
Name the 2 joints of the ankle? Distal tifib and talocrural
What lig. are involved in the tibfib joint? ANF, posterior tibiofibular,and inferior transverse lig.
What structures provide medial stability at the ankle joint? Deltoid lig
What structures provide lateral stability at the ankle joint? Calcaneofibular, anterior-talofibular and posterior talofibular lig
Created by: demiller243
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