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ztutz 500 verbs

Big list of Italian infinitives

abbandonare to abandon
abbassare to lower, to pull down
abbinare to match
abbracciare to hug
abbronzarsi (takes essere) to get a tan
abitare to live
abituarsi (takes essere) to get used to
accarezzare to caress, to pet
accellerare to accellerate
accendere (acceso) to light, to turn on
accettare to accept
accludere (accluso) to enclose
accomodare to fix something
accomodarsi (takes essere) to make oneself at home, to make oneself comfortable
accompagnare to accompany, to go with
accontentarsi di (takes essere) to be satisfied with
accorgersi (accorto, takes essere) to realize
adoperare to use
adorare to adore
adottare to adopt
affidare to entrust
affondare to sink
affrontare to face or to deal with
aggiungere (like giungere) to add
aiutare to help
affiggere (affisso) to post up, affix
affliggere (afflitto) to afflict
aggiustare to fix
alienare to alienate
allacciare to fasten
allenare to train, to practice
allevare to raise (animals and children)
allontanarsi (takes essere) to go away
alzare to raise
alzarsi (takes essere) to get up
amare to love
ammettere (like mettere) to admit
ammirare to admire
ammobiliare to furnish
analizzare to analyze
andare (takes essere) to go
annegare to drown
annoiare to bother
annoiarsi (takes essere) to be bored
annusare to smell (to smell something)
apparecchiare to set the table
apparire (apparso) to appear
appartenere (like tenere) to belong to
appassionarsi (takes essere) to be passionate about
aprire (aperto) to open
arrabbiarsi (takes essere) to become angry
arrivare (takes essere) to arrive
ascoltare to listen
asciugare to dry
aspettare to wait for
aspettarsi (takes essere) to expect
assaggiare to taste
assicurarsi (takes essere) to make sure, to assure
assistere to attend, to witness
assomigliare to resemble
assumere (assunto) to hire
attaccare to stick, to paste, to attack, to plug in
attendere (atteso) to wait for
attrarre (attratto) to attract
attraversare to cross (a street, a bridge)
augurarsi (takes essere) to hope
avere to have
avvertire to inform, to warn
avvicinarsi (takes essere) to go near
avvisare to inform, to let know
baciare to kiss
ballare to dance
benedire (like dire) to bless
bere (bevuto) to drink
biasimare to blame
bloccare to block, to be stuck
bollire to boil
brillare to shine
bruciare to burn
buttare to throw, to fling, to throw something away
cadere (takes essere) to fall
cambiarsi (takes essere) to change clothes
camminare to walk
cancellare to erase, to cancel
cantare to sing
capire to understand
capitare to happen, to come, to turn up
cascare (takes essere) to fall
cavalcare to ride a horse
cedere to cede
chiacchierare to chatter
chiamare to call
chiamarsi (takes essere) to be called
chiarire (isc) to make clearer, to clarify
chiedere (chiesto) to ask for
chiudere (chiuso) to close
cogliere (colto) to pick, to grasp (the meaning of something)
coinvolgere (coinvolto) to involve
collaborare to collaborate
colpire (isc) to strike, to hit
coltivare to cultivate, to grow
cominciare to begin
commettere (like mettere) to commit
commuovere (like muovere) to move, to touch
competere to compete
complimentare to compliment
comporre (like porre) to compose
comportarsi (takes essere) to behave
comprare to buy
comunicare to make known, to communicate, to tell
concedere (concesso) to concede, to award
concepire (isc) to conceive
concludere (concluso) to conclude
condire (isc) to dress (a salad or a pasta dish)
condividere (like dividere) to share
condurre (condotto) to drive, to bring about
confondere (confuso) to confuse
confondersi (like confondere, takes essere) to be confused
conoscere (conosciuto) to know
consegnare to hand over, to deliver
consentire to agree
consigliare to advise
consistere (consistito) to consist
consumare to consume, to wear down
continuare to continue
contribuire (isc) to contribute
controllare to check, to check up on, to verify
convertire to convert
convincere (like vincere) to convince
convivere (like vivere) to live together, to cohabitate
coprire (coperto) to cover
correggere (corretto) to correct
correre (corso) to run
corrompere (corrotto) to corrupt
costare (costa, costano) to cost
costruire (isc) to build
crescere (cresciuto) to grow, to raise something
cucire to sew
cuocere (cotto) to cook
curare to take care of
dare (dato) to give
decidere (deciso) to decide
dedurre (dedotto) to deduce
deludere (deluso) to disappoint
desiderare to desire, to wish
determinare to define, to determine, to fix or settle
dichiarare to declare, to state
difendere (difeso) to defend
dimagrire (-isc, takes essere) to lose weight
dimenticare to forget
dipendere (like pendere) to depend
dipingere (dipinto) to paint
diplomarsi (takes essere) to graduate (from high school)
dire (detto) to say, to tell
dirigere (diretto) to direct, to manage
discutere (discusso) to discuss, to argue
disegnare to draw
disperare to despair
disperdere (like perdere) to disperse
dispiacere (like piacere) to displease, to be sorry
disporre (like porre) to arrange, to set out
distrarre (distratto) to distract
distribuire (isc) to distribute
distruggere (distrutto) to destroy
diventare (takes essere) to become
divertirsi (takes essere) to have fun, to enjoy oneself, to have a good time
dormire to sleep
dovere to have to, to need to
dubitare to doubt
durare (takes essere) to last
eccitare to arouse, to excite
educare to educate, to train
eleggere (eletto) to elect
eliminare to eliminate
emozionarsi (takes essere) to be excited, to be stirred, to be touched, moved
entrare (takes essere) to enter
esaminare to examine
esaudire (-isc) to grant (a wish)
esaurire to use up, to exhaust
escludere (escluso) to exclude
esibire (-isc) to exhibit
esigere (esatto) to demand
espandere (-isc, espanso) to expand
espellere (espulso) to expel
esplodere (esploso) to explode
esplorare to explore
essere (stato, takes essere) to be
estrarre (estratto) to extract
esultare to exalt
evitare to avoid
evocare to evoke
fallire (isc) to fail
fantasticare to dream up
fare (fatto) to do, to make
favorire (isc) to favor, to (do the) honor, to try (some food)
fermare to stop (a car, a person)
fermarsi (takes essere) to stop oneself
festeggiare to celebrate
fidarsi (takes essere) to trust
filmare to film
finire (isc) to end, to finish
firmare to sign
fissare to fasten, to stare, to obsess
formare to form, to shape
fornire (isc) to provide, to supply
fotografare to photograph
fraintendere (like intendere) to misunderstand
frenare to brake, to curb
frequentare to attend, to frequent
friggere (fritto) to fry
fuggire (takes essere) to flee
funzionare to work (something mechanical)
galleggiare to float
generare to generate
gettare to throw
giocare to play (a sport, a game)
girovagare to wander (the world)
giudicare to judge
giungere (giunto) to arrive, to reach, to get as far as
giurare to take an oath, to swear
godere to enjoy
gonfiare to blow up
gridare to yell, to shout
guadagnare to earn
guardare to look, to look at
guidare to drive
illudersi (illuso, takes essere) to be under the illusion, to cherish the (false) hope
illuminare to illuminate, to light
illustrare to illustrate, to show
imbarazzare to embarrass, to puzzle, to bewilder
imbarcare to board (a boat or plane)
immaginarsi (takes essere) to imagine, to guess
immigrare to immigrate
imparare to learn
impazzire(isc) (takes essere) to go crazy
impedire (isc) to impede
impegnare to pledge to reserve something
impegnarsi (takes essere) to make a commitment, to work hard
improvvisare to improvise
incartare to wrap
inchinare to bow
incoraggiare to encourage
incrociare to cross (your legs, your fingers)
individuare to individuate, to characterize
indovinare to guess
infliggere (inflitto) to inflict
influenzare to influence
informarsi (takes essere) to enquire, to get information about
informarsi (takes essere) to find out about something
infrangere (infranto) to shatter (glass, a heart)
inginocchiare to kneel
ingrandire (isc) to enlarge
ingrassare (takes essere) to gain weight, to get fat
innamorarsi (takes essere) to fall in love
inquinare to pollute
insegnare to teach
inserire (isc) to insert
insistere (insistito, inteso) to insist
interessarsi di (takes essere) to be interested in, to take an interest in
interrogare to question, to interrogate
intervenire (like venire, takes essere) to intervene
intrattenere (like tenere) to entertain
intrecciare to braid
invitare to invite
iscriversi (like scrivere, takes essere) to enroll in
isolare to isolate
istruire (isc) to teach, to instruct
lamentarsi di (takes essere) to complain
lanciare to throw, to launch
lasciare to leave
laurearsi (takes essere) to graduate (from college)
lavare to wash
lavarsi (takes essere) to wash oneself
lavorare to work (as in a job)
leccare to lick
legare to tie
leggere (letto) to read
levigare to smooth, to polish (marble), to sand (wood)
liberare to free
licenziare to fire someone
licenziarsi (takes essere) to quit (a job)
litigare to fight, to quarrel
lodare to praise
lottare to struggle, to fight
lusingare to flatter
maledire (like dire) to curse
mancare to miss
mandare to send
mangiare to eat
manifestare to show, to display
mantenere (like tenere) to keep, to maintain
mentire to lie
meravigliarsi (takes essere) to be surprised, to be amazed
meritare to deserve
mettere (messo) to put, to place
mettersi (like mettere, takes essere) to put on
migliorare to improve
montare to mount, to assemble
mordere (morso) to bite
morire (morto, takes essere) to die
muoversi (mosso, takes essere) to move
nascere (nato, takes essere) to be born
nascondere (nascosto) to hide
negare to deny
noleggiare to rent
nuotare to swim
obbedire (isc.) to obey
occuparsi di (takes essere) to busy oneself with, to be professionally engaged in
occorrere (occorso) to need
offrire (offerto) to treat, to offer
opporsi a (like porre, takes essere) to oppose
opprimere (oppresso) to oppress
ossessionarsi (takes essere) to obsess
ottenere (like tenere) to obtain
pagare to pay, to pay for
paragonare to compare
pareggiare to tie (a game score)
parere (parso, takes essere) to seem
parcheggiare to park
parlare to speak
partecipare to participate
partire (takes essere) to leave, to depart
passeggiare to go for a walk
peggiorare to worsen
pendere (peso) to lean
penetrare to penetrate
pensare to think
pentire (takes essere) to regret
percepire(isc) to perceive
perdere (perso, perduto) to lose
perdonare to forgive, to pardon
permettere (like mettere) to allow
permettersi (like mettere) to afford
pescare to fish
piacere (piaciuto, takes essere) to like
piangere (pianto) to cry
picchiare to hit
piegare to fold
piovere (takes essere) to rain
porre (posto) to put, to lay down, to pose (a question)
potere to be able to
praticare to practice
preferire (isc) to prefer
pregare to pray, to beg
prendere (preso) to take, to have
prenotare to make a reservation
preoccuparsi (takes essere) to worry
preparare to prepare
prepararsi (takes essere) to get ready
prestare to lend
presumere (presunto) to presume, to imagine
pretendere (preteso) to expect
privare to deprive
produrre (prodotto) to produce
proibire (isc) to prohibit, to forbid
promettere (like mettere) to promise
proporre (like porre) to propose
proteggere (protetto) to protect
pubblicare to publish
pulire (isc) to clean
pungere (punto) to sting
punire (isc) to punish
puzzare to smell (something smells)
raccogliere (like cogliere) to gather, to pick, to pluck
raccontare to recount
radersi (raso, takes essere) to shave
raggiungere (like giungere) to reach, to meet
ragionare to reason
rallentare to slow down
rassegnarsi (takes essere) to resign oneself
reagire (isc) to react
reggere (retto) to hold
rendere (reso) to render, to make
rendersi conto (like rendere) to realize
resistere (resistito) to resist
respingere (likes pingere) to push away
respirare to breathe
restituire (isc) to give back
ricevere to receive
richiedere (like chiedere) to request
riciclare to recycle
riconoscere (like conoscere) to recognize
ricordare to remember
riempire to fill
ridere (riso) to laugh
rientrare (takes essere) to go, come back home
rifugiare to take refuge
rifiutare to refuse, to reject
riflettere to reflect
rilassarsi to relax
rimanere (rimasto, takes essere) to remain, to stay
ringraziare to thank
ripetere to repeat
risolvere (risolto) to resolve
risparmiare to save
rispondere (risposto) to answer
ritenere (like tenere) to deem, to think
ritirare (takes essere) to withdraw
ritornare (takes essere) to return
riuscire (like uscire, takes essere) to be able to, to succeed at doing something
rivolgersi (rivolto, takes essere) to turn to someone (with a question, usually)
rompere (rotto) to break
salire (takes essere) to go up, to get on
saltare to jump
salutare to greet
salvare to save
sanguinare to bleed
sapere to know
saziare to satiate
sbagliare to make a mistake
sbarcare to disembark
scalare to climb
scaldare to heat up
scambiare to exchange something, to mistake something for something else
scappare to run away
scatenare to unleash, to give free reign to (to go wild)
scattare to sprint, to snap a photo
scavare to dig, to excavate
scegliere (scelto) to choose
scendere (sceso, takes essere) to go down, to get off
scherzare to joke
schiaffeggiare to slap
sciare to ski
sciogliere (sciolto) to melt
scolpire (isc) to sculpt
scomparire (like apparire) to disappear
sconfiggere (sconfitto) to defeat
sconvolgere (sconvolto) to upset
scoprire (like coprire) to uncover, to discover, to reveal
scrivere (scritto) to write
scusarsi (takes essere) to apologize, to excuse oneself
sdegnare to scorn
sedersi (takes essere) to sit down
sedurre (sedotto) to seduce
seguire to follow
sembrare (takes essere) to seem
sentire to hear
sentirsi (takes essere) to feel (well, poorly, happy)
seppellire(-isc, sepolto,seppellito) to bury
sequestrare to kidnap
servire to serve
sfidare to challenge
sfruttare to exploit
sistemare to arrange, to put something in order
sistemarsi (takes essere) to settle down
smettere (like mettere) to quit (doing something)
soffiare to blow
soffrire (like offrire) to suffer
sognare to dream
sopportare tostand, to bear (I cannot stand him), to support
sopravvivere (like vivere) to survive
sorridere (like ridere) to smile
sorvegliare to watch closely, to supervise
sostenere (like tenere) to support, to sustain, to maintain
sparare to shoot
sparecchiare to clear the table
spaventare to frighten
spazzolare to brush
specchiarsi (takes essere) to look at oneself in the mirror
spedire (isc) to send, to mail
spegnere (spento) to turn off, to extinguish
spendere (like pendere) to spend
sperare to hope
spettegolare to gossip
spezzare to break apart
spiare to spy, to see
spiegare to explain
spingere (spinto) to push
spogliarsi (takes essere) to get undressed
sporcarsi (takes essere) to get dirty
sporgere (sporto) to stick out, to hold out
sposarsi (takes essere) to get married
spostare to move something, to shift
sprecare to waste
sprezzare to despise, to scorn
spruzzare to spray
sputare to spit
stabilire (isc) to establish
staccare to detach
stampare to print (from a printer)
stancare to tire
stancarsi (takes essere) to get tired
stare (takes essere) to stay
starnutire (isc.) to sneeze
stendere (steso) to lay, to hang (clothes on a line)
stracciare to tear up
studiare: to study
stuprare to rape
succedere (successo, takes essere) to happen
succhiare to suck
sudare to sweat
suggerire (isc) to suggest
suonare to play an instrument
superare to overcome
svegliarsi (takes essere) to wake up
svitare to unscrew
tacere (taciuto) to be quiet
tagliare to cut
telefonare to phone
tenere to keep, to hold, to take
tirare (a ball) to throw
toccare to touch
togliere (tolto) to remove, to take away
torcere (torto) to twist, to wring
tormentare to torment
tornare (takes essere) to return
tossire (isc) to cough
tradire (isc) to betray
tradurre (tradotto) to translate
trafiggere (like sconfiggere) to pierce through, transfix
trascinare to drag
trascorrere (correre) to spend time
trascurare to neglect
trasferirsi (isc) (takes essere) to move (locations)
traslocare to move houses
trattare di to be about
trattarsi di (takes essere) to be a matter of
truccarsi (takes essere) to put on make up
uccidere (ucciso) to kill
urlare to shout, to scream
usare to use
uscire (takes essere) to go out
vedere(visto, veduto) to see
vegliare to stay awake, to keep vigil
vendere to sell
venire (takes essere) to come
vergognarsi (takes essere) to be ashamed, to be embarrassed
vestirsi (takes essere) to get dressed
viaggiare to travel
vincere to win (vinto)
violare to violate
violentare to rape
visitare to visit
vivere to live (vissuto)
volare to fly
volere to want
voltarsi (takes essere) to turn around
zoppicare to limp
Created by: ztutz