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RP & C Quiz

What is the radiation symbol called? Radiation trifoil
What colors do they use on the Radiation Trifoil? Yellow background with magenta or black blades
What is Science? Use of knowledge in an organized and classified manner
What is Scientific Method? Involves collecting facts, studying their relationships and arriving at conclusions based on analysis
What is Natural Science? The study of the universe and its contents
What are the two types of Natural Science? Physical and biologic science
What is Physical Science? The study of non-living matter (Physics)
What is Biologic Science? The study of living matter (Anatomy & Physiology)
What is Physics? Branch of science that deals with matter & energy and their relation to each other
What is Radiation Physics? Deals with the origin, nature, and behavior of x-rays and related types of radiation
What is Matter? The substance that comprises all physical objects and has mass and occupies space
What are the 3 types of matter? Solid, liquid, and gas
What is Energy? Is the ability to do work
What is Mass? The constant quality of matter contained in a physical object (mass remains unchanged when matter changes from one form to another)
What is Weight? The force exerted by a physical object under the influence of gravity
What is Radiation? Energy is emitted and transferred through matter
What are the two forms of Radiation? Heat & light are 2 forms of radiant energy
What is a Mixture? Combination of 2 or more substances
What is a Substance? A material that has definite and constant composition
What is an Element? Substance that can't be broken down
What is an Atom? The smallest particle of an element
What is a Compound? 2 or more united elements
What is a Molecule? Smallest particle of a compound and has 2 or more atoms chemically united
What is The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy formula? E=mc2 where E=energy, m=mass, and c=constant(the speed of light in a vacuum)
What does The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy state? The sum total of all matter and energy in the universe is constant: matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one form to another.
What element is H the symbol for? Hydrogen
What is Hydrogen's atomic number? 1
What is the standard atomic weight for Hydrogen? 1.007
What element is C the symbol for? Carbon
What is Carbon's atomic number? 6
What is the standard atomic weight for Carbon? 12.010
What element is O the symbol for? Oxygen
What is Oxygen's atomic number? 8
What is the standard atomic weight for Oxygen? 15.999
What element is Al the symbol for? Aluminium
What is Aluminium's atomic number? 13
What is the standard atomic weight for Aluminium? 26.981
What element is Mo the symbol for? Molybdenum
What is Molybdenum's atomic number? 42
What is the standard atomic weight for Molybdenum? 95.940
What element is I the symbol for? Iodine
What is Iodine's atomic number? 53
What is the standard atomic weight for Iodine? 126.904
What element is Ba the symbol for? Barium
What is Barium's atomic number? 56
What is the standard atomic weight for Barium? 137.327
What element is W the symbol for? Tungsten
What is Tungsten's atomic number? 74
What is the standard atomic weight for Tungsten? 183.840
What element is Pb the symbol for? Lead
What is Lead's atomic number? 82
What is the standard atomic weight for Lead? 207.200
Created by: elkins.brett