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Cutting and Mixing


mince to chop finely
chop to cut food into small, irregular pieces
cube to cut food into 1/2 inch square pieces
dice to cut food 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch square pieces
pare to cut off a very thin layer of peel with a paring knife
score to make straight, shallow cuts with a slicing knife in the surface of a food
slice to cut food into large, thin pieces
sliver to cut food into very thin strips
snip to cut food into small pieces with kitchen shears
puree to use a blender to grind or mash cooked fruits or vegetables
grind to break up foods into coarse, medium or fine particles
flake to break or tear foods into small layers
crush to pulverize food into crumbs, powder, or paste with a rolling pin
quarter to divide food into four equal pieces
mash to crush food into smooth mixture
beat thoroughly mix and add air to food
cream beat ingredients together, such as butter and sugar, until soft and creamy
fold gently mix a light, fluffy mix into a heavier one
stir mix with a spoon or wire whisk in a circle motion to disribute heat and keep foods from sticking
toss mix ingredients by tumbling them with tongs
whip beat quickly and vigorously to incorporate air into mixture, making it light and fluffy
flour lightly sprinkle a food with flou or powdered sugar
glaze coat a food with a liquid that forms a glossy finish
baste pour liquid over a food as it cooks
brush use a pastry brush to coat a food with liquid such as butter
bread coat a food with flour, milk or beaten egg and seasoned crumbs or cornmeal
dot to put small pieces od food such as butter or the surface of another food
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