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AP Psych

chapter 2

What is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter? GABA
Too much dopamine? Schitozfrenia
Where is Speech produced in? Broca's Area, left, frontal lobe
What is the nervous system that includes everything outside of the spinal cord and brain? Peripheral
Too little dopamine? Parkinson's disease
Brain Structure balance? Cerebellum
Allows one to see details in soft tissue? MRI
places electrodes on scalp? EEG
Allows you to see soft tissue and function? fMRI
part of neuron that sends messages? axon
sophisticated series of x-rays? ct scan
recieves messages? dendrites
to observe brain activity in detail? PET scan
damage to this lobe can cause blindness? occipital lobe
damage to this lobe can cause loss of sensation? parietal
decision making takes place in this lobe? frontal
this disorder is the inability to speak? aphasia
neuron in brain and spinal cord? interneuron
in neurotransmitters, ending of neuron? terminal button
this structure is involved in forming memories? hippocampus
this structure controls sexual behavior, sleep, thirst and hunger hippothalamus
what is the brain's relay station? thalamus
what is the master gland? pituitary gland
broca's area is found in this lobe? frontal lobe
anything happens in the back of the brain structue you die? medulla
men and women both have what? estrogen and testosterone
during an action potential, these ions move into the cell sodium
what is a neuron? a nerve cell
what is phrenology? study of the bumps on your head
what is myelin sheath? a layer of fatty cells, enables neural impulses
resting potential is at? -70
depolarization is at? 30
example of antagonists? beta blockers, venom
example of agonists? nicotine, heroine, morphine
involved in depression and sleep? serotonin
ACH is found in all...? motor neurons
ACH does what? stimulates muscles to contract
what do endorphins control? pain and pleasure
what does norepinephrine control? arousal, flight or flight response
too much glutamate can relate to? epileptic seizures
what is a reflex? a simple, automatic response
what is a lesion? tissue destruction
what do pons do? helps coordinate movements on left and right sides of body; maintain balance
what is another phrase used for cerebellum? little brain
temporal lobes include? auditory areas
Created by: shannanogann
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