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word list 50


volatile changeable;evapourating rapidly
volition act of making a concious choice
voluble fluent,glib,talkative
voracious ravenous,huge appetite
vortex whirlwind,whirlpool,center of turbulence
vouchsafe guarantee
voyeur seeks sexual stimulation by visual means
vulpine like a fox;crafty
waffle speak equivocally about an issue
waft moved gently by wind or waves
waggish mischievous;humorous;tricky
waif homeless child or animal
waive give up temporarily;yield
wake trail of ship or object through water,path of something that has gone before
wallow roll in,indulge in;become helpless
wan having a pale or sickly color;palid
wanderlust strong longing to travel
wane decrease in size or strength;draw gradually 2 the end
wangle wiggle out;fake
wanton unrestrained;willfully malacious;unchaste
warble sing;babble
warren tunnels in which rabbits live;crowded places where ppl live
wary very cautious
wastrel profligate,extravagant;spendthrift
wax increase;grow
waylay ambush;lie in wait
wean To accustom (the young of a mammal) to take nourishment other than by suckling;give up a cherished activity
weather endure the effects of weather or other forces
welt mark 4rm beating n whipping
welter turmoil;bewildering jumble
welter wallow,drencehd in something esp blood.
wheedle cajole;coax;deceive by flattery
whelp young wolf,tiger,dog;
whet sharpen;stimulate
whiff puf or gust of air/scent;hint
whimsical fanciful;capricious
whinny neigh like a horse
whit smallest speck
whittle cut off bits;pare
wily cunning;artful
wince shrink back;flinch
windfall fallen fruit;unexpected lucky event
winnow sift;separate good from bad parts
winsome agreeable;gracious;engaging
wispy thin;sligh barely discernible
wistful vaguely longing;sadly pensive
withdrawn introverted;remote
witless foolish;idiotic
witticism witty saying;wise crack
wizened withered;shriveled
woe deep,unconsolable grief;affliction;suffering
wont custom;habitual
wordly engrossed in matters of earth;not spiritual
wrangle quarrel;obtain through arguing
wrath anger;fury
wreak inflict
wrench pull;strain;twist
wrest pull away
writ written command issued by court
writhe twist in coils;contort in pain
wry twisted,humorous twist
xenophobia fear of hatred of foreigners
yen longing;urge
yeoman man owing small estate;middle-class farmer
yoke joined together
yokel rustic,country bumpkin;simple, artless, or unsophisticated
yore time past,obsolete
zany crazy;comic
zealot fanatic;person showing excessive zeal
zephyr gentle breeze;west wind
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