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Exam 1- HS

Basic H.S. info: risk, oil, presidential directives

India's population is... 1.3 Billion; in 2006 they grew 9.7 %
US population is... 350 million
types of risk pure- no chance of gain dynamic- chance of gain
What is an asset? something or someone that adds value to an organization
What is a liability? anything that depreciates an asset
risk is .... consequences, threats, and vulnerabilities
Types of Assets human, Cyber, Physical
Al Qaeda means? The Base
Islam means? Submission
The Qu'ran means? resitation
Hadith means refers to what the prophet Mohammed said and what he did
Taliban means? seekers of knowledge
mujahideen means? holy warriors
What is a madrassa? a religious school
"Bin" means Son of
Uum means mother of
Abu means father of
Inshallah means god willing
assalamalakum means may peace be with you
walakumsalam means may peace be upon you also
when was the prohet Mohammed born? 570 AD
Give brief timeline of the Prophet Mohammed's life 610 AD- in cave when approached by Angel Gabriel, hears Qu'ran 622 AD- Mohammed leaves to Medina 627- Mecca becomes Islamic 632 AD - Prophet Mohammed dies
Qu'ran has how many surs 118 (chapters)
What happened after the Prophet Mohammed died? 2 factions arose: Abu bakkar (Sunni) Vs. Ali Abu (Shi'a) - Abu Bakkar was named first Caliph
What are the 4 most holy places in Islam? Mecca (kaaba), Medina, Karballah, Jerusalem (al- asqa and dome of the rock mosque)
What are the 5 pillars of Islam? Declaration of faith, Prayer, Zakat (tithing), Ramadan, and Hajj (pilgrimage)
What happened when the Russians invaded Afghanistan? Osama bin Laden Ayman al-Zawahiri Abdullah Azzam
What is a FATWA? religious order (can only be given by an Immam)
Give examples of Al Qaeda Attacks on the US 1998- Bombings of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 2000- attack on USS Cole 2001- attack on Twin Towers
what is NORTHCOM? created in 2003 responsible for defense of the USA
Presidential Succession 1. Vice-President 2. Speaker of the house 3. President of the Senate 4. Secretary of State 5. Secretary of Treasury
Homeland SEcurity Act passed Nov. 25, 2002
Department of H.S. was created when? March 2003
Who is the current secretary of Homeland Security? Janet Napolitano
Who was the first secretary of HS? Tom Ridge
Highest ranking person in the IC Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
When was the DNI position created After 2003
Why was DNI created to fix communication problems in IC
What is a critical infrastructure assets so valuable that their destruction would have a debilitating impact on the Nations national security, public health, safety, or economic security
how many Critical Infrastructures sectors are there 18
How many presidential directives are there 20
Presidential Directive 1 created HS council
Presidential Directive 2 combating terrorism through immigration policy
Presidential Directive 3 create a threat advisory system
Explain the threat advisory system blue- guarded green- low yellow- elevated orange- high red - severe
Presidential Directive 4 create a national strategy to combat weapons of mass destruction
Presidential Directive 5 NIMS- national incident management system
Presidential Directive 6 integration of screening information
Presidential Directive 7 Critical infrastructure Protection
how many Ports in the US 301
how many commercial airports in the US 453
how many landing strips in the US 19,000
how many dams in the US 82,582
how much water in the world is salt water 98%
Of clean water how much of that is used by the rest of the world? 69%
Presidential Directive 8 national preparedness strategy
Presidential Directive 9 defense of food
who is the SSA of the food FDA and USDA
Everyday how many americans are sickened by contaminated food? 200,000
How many ppl are hospitalized in the US each year for food related illness 325,000
Presidential Directive 10 bio-defense
Presidential Directive 11 terrorist screening procedures
Presidential Directive 12 common identification for federal workers
Presidential Directive 13 maritime security policy
Presidential Directive 15 US Strategy and policy on the war on terror
Presidential Directive 17 nuclear materials program
Presidential Directive 18 medical counter measures against WMD
Presidential Directive 16 aviation security
Presidential Directive 19 combating terrorist explosives in the US
Presidential Directive 20 national continuity plan (presidential succession)
how many gallons of oil in a barrel 42
one barrel of oil makes how many gallons of gasoline 19.5
how many states of the top 15 are Muslim states 11
how much oil in the world is found in the Persian Gulf? 2/3 of world's oil
who has the larges reserves of oil and is the largest exporter Saudi Arabia
how much natural gas reserves are in Qatar 15 % of worlds natural gas reserves
Top 5 oil importers to the U.S. 1. Canada 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Mexico 4. Nigeria 5. Venezuela
how much of the world's natural gas is found in the US 20%
US Dependent imports: Platinum, Chromium, Cobalt, Tin Platinum (91%) Chromium (72%) Cobalt (76%) Tin (88%)
Top 5 PROVEN oil reserve countries: 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Canada 3. Iran 4. Iraq 5. Kuwait
how many barrels of oil does the world produce each day? 86 million
with only 5% of world's population living in the US, how much oil does it consume? 1/4 of the world's oil supply
how much energy does a terawatt produce a trillion watts
an electric light puts out how many watts of power 100 watts of power
how many watts are used to power all devices in the world 15 terawatts
by 2050, it is estimated that the world will need how many terawatts to power its devices? 30 terawatts
how much of the world's oil is used to fuel automobiles? 70%
Global warming is caused by? carbon in air
The Patriot Act was written when? October 25, 2001
who was the only person to vote against the passing of the Patriot Act Senator Russ Feingold
What does Patriot Act allow government to do? 1. use roving surveillance 2. increased power for investigation of $laundering 3. strengthened authority of border agents 4. sneak and peak searches allowed b4 informing individual being searched 5. expands authority to prosecute hackers
what does roving surveillance mean? (track targets as the move/switch phones and emails)
NIPP stands for? national infrastructure protection plan
IPR stands for? intellectual property rights
what is the H.S. daily open source report? daily report that breaks down all critical infrastructure attacks
what is a permit compliance system (PCS) it is a permit that gives companies the right to dump hazardous waste into our clean water system
HEU stands for? highly enriched uranium
Hamas means? zeal
Who are the leaders for the 3 terrorist groups in Assignment 2? AQ- Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri HAMAS- Khaled Mashaal Hezbollah- Hassan Nasrallah
who handles IPR protection? Customs
experts say the global FAKE drug industry is how big? worth 90 billion & causes death of almost 1 million each year
The Indian government reports that ___ % of drugs are counterfeit 0.4%
The Indian government reports that ___% of drugs are substandard 8%
Independent estimates say that ___% of drugs in India are substandard 12-25%
Who is the world's largest manufacture of generic drugs? India
Who is the world's largest manufacture of name brand drugs? China
Trademarks protect what? words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services from those manufactured or sold by others and to indicate the source of goods.
What is a trade secret? information that companies keep secret to give them an advantage over their competitors
NOA means what Notice of Arrival
what does an NOA include? crew cargo and origin/ previous location
how long of a border does the US share with Mexico? 2, 000 miles
what percent of aspirin comes from china/ 40%
From 2006-2009 how many drugs were seized in India? 65 Million dollars worth
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