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367 Test Review

review for the test

A Negative Reinforcer will decrease the behavior. False
In classical conditioning, the food is the conditioned stimulus. False
Removal of tokens for inappropriate social behavior in a class is an example of response cost. True
A consequence is non-contingent if it decreases a specific behavior false
Successive approximation of speech might initially include reinforcement of any vocalization true
Observer reliability is the measurement of agreement between independent observers true
A schedule of reinforcement refers to the type of primary or secondary reinforcers used in the shaping process false
A multiple baseline controls for subject confounding variables true
Negative transfer refers to a lack of stimulus generalization. false
Replication is an important aspect of behavioral research true
The multiple baseline design is generally an example of a single-subject design true
Placement in a juvenile detention house may be a time-out procedure true (could go either)
Punishment will frequently result in escape and avoidance behavior. true
The effectiveness of behavioral techniques may be accountable without data. false
A rising baseline is an indication of the operant level of a behavior true
A classroom with continuously available record player, TV, and games may cause "stimulus overload" true
Money is a back up reinforcer true
Laws are statements concerning empirical scientific cause-and-effect relationships true
A teacher giving a high amount of approval is responding to a "good class" false
One of the most important contributions of behavior modification is its emphasis on operationally defined dependent variables true
One process through which a conditioned respondent can be eliminated is: Desensitization
A student being reinforced for any behavior except for hitting other students is on a _______ schedule of reinforcement Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors (DRO)
Criteria are generally used in behavioral programs to: Decide what to teach; Structure the program in sequential steps; provide the student with feedback; evaluate the program
Programmed instructional texts use: Positive reinforcement; an errorless discrimination procedure; learning principles; fading principles
Behavior is a result of: its consequences
counterconditioning refers to: Desensitization AND structuring incompatible responses
Counting the number of problems completed during a 20-minute math period is an example of: Event sampling (# of events in a certain time period)
Removal of tokens until a behavior increases is an example of: Response cost AND negative reinforcement
If a teacher adjusts his teaching to compensate for a student's learning, the teacher's behavior is an: operant behavior
A child who acts similarly to a parent usually acquired those behaviors through: Modeling
Singing a song, hitting a ball, and participating in class discussion are all examples of ______ behavior Adaptive
The process of causing a student to transfer from a specific situation to another similar situation is called ________. generalization
To decrease piano performance anxiety, _______ may be used to recondition anxiety-stimuli desensitization
The use of rock music listening time as a reinforcer for increasing math scores is often an example used to illustrate the ______ principle. Premack Principle
Rewarding a child with frequent large quantities of food will probably result in __________ satiation
Spanking a child after the child misbehaves is an example of ______ if the child's misbehavior decreases. punishment or positive punishment
A parent gives a child weekly allowance contingent on completion of assigned work tasks. The dependent variable is _________ Completion of tasks
All teaching involves the establishment of _________ where there previously existed nondiscrimination Discrimination
Reinforcement should be contingent; however, a consequence of a behavior could be contingent but not _______. inconsistent/reinforcing
The principles of behavior are functional. This is true because the behavioral principle operating can only be defined by the ________ of that consequence. function
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