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Geography Unit 1 Rev

Review of Key Terms for Freshman Geography

What is Cartography? The science and art of making maps.
What is a Map Projection? How Cartographers represent the 3D world on a 2D map.
What is Geographic Literacy? The ability to correctly read a map.
What is Location? 1 of the 5 themes of Geography that is concerned with where something is in the world.
What is Place? 1 of the 5 themes of Geography that is concerned with what an area looks like
What is Relative Location? Where a place is in "relation" to its surroundings.
What is an example of Physical Features of a Place? Landscape, Vegetation, Climate, & Wildlife.
What is an example of the Cultural Features of a Place? Languages, Religions, Ethnic Groups, Cuisine.
What is Absolute Location? Coordinates that describes where a place is regardless of its surroundings.
What is Region? 1 of the 5 themes of Geography that is concerned with how areas are similar or dissimilar.
Give an example of a Formal Region. Freedom, Wisconsin, USA, etc...
Give an example of a Perceptual Region. Fox Valley, Mid-West, Deep South
What is Movement? 1 of the 5 themes of Geography that is concerned with how people, goods, and ideas move from 1 place to the another.
What is Culture? The total knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of a group of people.
What is Acculturation? How a culture changes or adapts to new innovations.
What is Diffusion? The process where a culture's ideas or behaviors spread to other cultures.
What is a Monotheistic Religion? A religion with 1 god.
What is a Polytheistic Religion? A religion with more than 1 god.
Give an example of a cultural uniform. Hoodies, skinny jeans, suit and tie, etc...
What is birthrate? Ave. number of births per 1000 population.
What is deathrate? Ave. number of deaths per 1000 population.
What is Infant Mortality Rate? Ave. number of deaths per 1000 births before age 1.
What is Fertility Rate? Ave. number of child a woman will have in her lifetime.
What is a population pyramid? A graph showing the age and gender distribution of a population.
Give an example of a Rural area. Freedom, Shiocton, Black Creek
Give an example of an Urban area. Appleton, Green Bay, Madison
Given an example of a Megalopolis. NYC-Washington DC
Define Natural Boundary. A border formed by the natural landscape of the earth. Ex. Mississippi River.
Define Artificial Boundary. A border formed by man that does not occur in nature.
T/F Shape impacts how easy it is to govern a country? True
Define Primary Economic Activities. Gathering Raw Materials.
Define secondary economic activities. Giving raw materials value...Changing their form.
Define tertiary economic activities. Providing services to businesses.
Define quaternary economic activities. Providing technological or communication services.
Define Command Economy Government controls the means of production.
Define Market Economy Individuals control the means of production.
Created by: aaronmay