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Fine Arts Quiz

Stack #46071

Medium the material an artwork is made of
7 Essential Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Texture, Form, Color/Value, Space, Light
Line may be regarded as the most basic visual element
Line has one dimension and is the path of a moving point
2 Categories of Line: Actual, Implied
Actual A seen line
Implied an imagined line where two different elements meet
Visual Lines convey strength, dignity, spirituality
Horizontal Lines Conveys calmness, rest, earth
Diagonal Lines conveys action, motion, conflict
Curved Line Conveys softness, joy
The presence of line is often implied even when _____________. it is not actally used to describe form
________ represent line in its purest form. Drawings
Collectors treasure drawings because they seem to reveal the artist's ______________. inspiration with unmatched freshness
_________ help in documenting the evolution of work from its inception to the finished piecec. Drawings
____________ has traditionally been admired for its descriptive value, so that its expressive potential is often overlooked. Line
__________ is capable of creating a broad range of effects. Line
Shape is created when a line crosses itself and encloses a space
An entire work can be made of ________, having various porportions and relationships to each other and to the whole work . Shape
There are 2 dimensions of shape: Length, Width
2 Categories of shape : Geometric and Organic
Geometric Shapes circles, squares, triangles, rectangles; usually precise and rigid; man-made
Organic Shapes fluid irregular, free, flowing, found in nature
Texture involves both the optic and the tactile senses
_________ describes how a subject looks or feels to the touch Texture
2 Types of Texture: Actual, Implied or Simulated
Actual can be felt with the fingers
Implied cannot be felt, seen, or imagined ( i.e. something drawn to appear rough or smooth
Texture of the medium the finished surface of the work
Impasto paints applied in a thick texture
Created by: ElizabethI