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Canada - db

canada facts

What is the 2nd largest country in the world? Canada
How is Canada politically divided? 10 provinces 3 territories
How was Northern Canada formed? glaciers
Far north Canada is what landform tundra
Describe tundra rolling, treeless plains permafrost
Where is the Canadian Shield? around Hudson Bay
The Appalachian Mts are located where eastern Southern Canada
The Laurentain Highlands are located where eastern Southern Canada
St Lawrence River flows to the Atlantic Ocean
Most of the population lives here St Lawrence River Valley
Largest City Toronto
What is the St Lawrence Seaway collection of rivers, canals, locks that connect the Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean
Where are the Great Plains from US into Central CA
Describe the Great Plains huge prairie(rolling inland, grassy area, fertile soil
What Mts are in Western Canada Rocky and Coast
What is largest Mt in CA Mt Logan
population of CA 33.2 million
area of CA 1 million square miles
languages of CA English and French
life expectancy male: 78 woman: 84
Gross dollars per capita $38,400
climate of Rocky/Coast mt area wet, mild winter mild summer like WA, OR
Economy how people make their money
free market people start their own businesses
more gov't control in CA than in USA free health care, controlled medicine prices
Economic provinces Eastern CA, Quebec and Ontario, Prairie Provinces and British Columbia
Eastern CA Atlantic coast; fishing was important until over fished; manufacturing, mining, tourism
Quebec largest province; settled by French; 1/4 population; manufacturing; service industries; agriculture; fishing
Montreal 2nd largest city in Quebec
SI proving services to people
Ontario 2nd largest province; largest population; most wealth; produces 1/2+ manufactured goods; farming in the South
Ottawa in Ontario and is national capitol
Prairie Provinces Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta
Prairie Provinces farming (wheat); agriculture; oil and natural gas
British Columbia large forest and mts; timber and mining; fishing; tourism
Vancouver in BC; main Pacific Port
"Canada" means "village" in native American
Vikings arrived in year 1000
French came 1500
Great Britain wins CA in war 1700s
Dominion of CA 1867, CA gets some freedom
Independence 1931, K & Q of Britain have no power
Parliamentary Democracy citizens elect people to parliament
Prime Minister leader chosen by members of parliament
Canadian people most have European backgrounds, nation of immigrants, has many religions (Catholic, Protestant)
Quebec wants to separate; proud of French culture
Nanuvut newest territory; run by Inuits; few jobs available
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