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Public Speak Test 2

Public Speaking Study Guide for Test 2: Ch. 5-9

3 Ways of Choosing a Topic Personal Experiences/ Personal Inventory, Brainstorming, and Exploring the Internet
3 Types of General Purpose To inform, persuade or entertain
General Purpose The broad objective of speech
Specific Purpose The precise goal that a speaker wants to achieve
6 Guidelines of Specific Purpose Begin w/ infinitive, include reference, limit to one major idea, be precise, time limit, and don't be too technical
Central Idea Key concept of a speech
Brainstorming Generating many ideas quickly and uncritically
Infinitive A verb preceded by "to"
Purpose Statement Your objectives as the speaker, can be turn into a question
Interlibrary Loan Sharing of materials and services among libraries, often at no cost
Blog Frequently updated online log
Vlog Frequently updated video log
2 Ways to Conduct an Interviews Email or face-to-face
7 Criteria of High-quality Information Factual, Reliable, Well supported, Current, Verifiable, Fair, and Comprehesive
2 major ways to cite sources MLA and APA
Public Domain Anything published or created before 1923 is no longer protected by copyright
Definition A statement of the meaning of a word or phrase
Vivid Image A description that evokes a lifelike picture within the mind of the listener
To use vivid image Must use specific details
Example An instance that serves to illustrate
Narrative A story that illustrates a point
Hypothetical Narrative Imaginary story used to visualize a situation
Comparison Showing how two or more things are alike
Contrast Showing how two or more things are different
Analogy Resemblance in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar
Testimony Statement by a knowledgeable person, used to explain or bolster a point
Statistics Numerical facts assembled to present significant info about a subject
Back-Row Comprehension Design every visual aid for the back row
Guidelines for Back-Row Comprehension Make info larger than normal, use thick, bold strokes, make enlargements, test visual
5 Senses Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight
Best time to circulate visual aid After the speech
Progressive Revelation Reveal only one part or item at a time
Created by: Futuredoctor09
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