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Rad Pro week 4

Rad Protection week 4 reveiw

During Tomo the x-ray tube and IR move around an imaginary pivot point called the ___. Fulcrum
The tomo angle determines the section thickness
As the tomo angle ____ the tomo section. increases, becomes thinner
The height of the fulcrum determines the Level of the object plane
Each sweep of the source-detector around the body during CT is called a ____ Rotation
The principal drawback of the 1st gen CR scanners was the Long scanning time
The reduction in ___ was the principal advantage of the 2nd gen CT scanners Scanning time
The 3rd gen of CT scanners allowed for further reduction in Scanning time and scattered radiation
The ___ gen of CT was the 1st to have the fan-beam transect the entire PT at all times 3rd
What is the principal disadvantage of 3rd gen CT Ring artifacts
The new development in the 4th gen CT is the Stationary detector array
The concentration of scintillation detectors affects the ___ of the CR image Spatial resolution
The PT. dose in CT is determined by the ___ collimator prepatient
The time from end of CT imaging to image appearance is called ___ time reconstruction
Each pixel of info in the CT image contains numerical info in ___ units Hunsfeild
CT imaging has excellent ___ because of one narrow beam collimation Contrast resolution
The CT scanner must be calibrated so that ___ is at CT number zero Water
What is the one design featrue that makes spiral CT possible Slip rings
The __ in the spiral CT gantry usually have to be replaced annually Brushes
The volume of contrast is ___ and the images are ____ with spiral CT angiography reduced, better
Created by: Joker71