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English vocab work

english vocab workshop words

Adjacent near, next to, adjoining
Alight to get down from, step down from; to come down from the air, land; (adj.) lighten up
Barren not productive, bare
Disrupt to break up, disturb
Dynasty a powerful family or group of rulers
Foretaste an advance indication, sample, or warning
Germinate to begin to grow
Humdrum ordinary, dull, routine
Hurtle to rush violently, dash headlong; to fling or hurl forcefully
Insinuate to suggest or hint slyly; to edge into something indirectly
Interminable endless, so long as to seem endless
Interrogate to ask questions, examine by questioning
Recompense to pay back; to give a reward; a payment for loss, service, or injury
Renovate to repair, restore to good condition
R`esum`e a short written account of one's education, working experience, or qualifications for a job
Sullen silent or brooding because of ill humor, anger, or resentment
Trickle to flow or fall by drops or in a small stream; a small, irregular quantity of anything
Trivial not important; minor
Truce a pause in fighting, temporary peace
Vicious evil, bad, spiteful
Created by: penguinluv123
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