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Review #14: SSL 9000

Review #14 - SSL 9000 (Stack #45606)

Where does the ssl 9000 store all its info during the session? Ram.
Where is the info stored after you perform a save? Internal Hard Drive
What is the name of the folder where you store all your song info called? Project Folder
What are the three inputs to the 9000 module? Mic, Line, Sub-group.
T/F…The info stored for each version is called an “element”. True
T/F…We always use the default project to start a new session. True
How many busses are available in the routing matrix? 48
What are your choices for external storage? Magneto Optical, Super Disk.
T/F…You assign the auxes pre-fader in pairs instead of individually. True
Can you automate EQ knobs on the 9000k? no
How many aux sends are available? 7….1 stereo and 6 mono
Pulling up the mic pre-amp engages what function? Remote super pre-amp.
Is there a control panel shortcut for the mix-desk menu? Yes
How many channels can the output compressor recieve at 1 time? 6
What type of cable is used to sync PT to the console? 9 pin
Which machine is the master clock when syncing PT with the ssl 9K? PT
T/F... Aux sends can be sent to the stereo buss in addition to the faders. True
What are the three choices for small fader sources when assigning them to a bus? Pre-small fader, pre-vca, post-vca
Created by: sticksmcfly