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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy & Oxygen Devices

What does FIO2 stand for? Fraction Inspired Oxygen(O2).
A person can go without oxygen for how many minutes before irreversible brain damage? 6 Minutes.
What happens when oxygen is absent? Production of cellular metabolism is grossly inadequate and death ultimately occurs.
Oxygen is? Tasteless and odorless gas.
Is Oxygen flammable? No, but it strongly supports combustion.
Is oxygen a drug? Yes, the U.S. Pharmacopeia defined O2 as being a drug in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1962.
What gases are available in Dalton's Law? 1. Nitrogen(78%) 2. Oxygen (21%) 3. Trace Gases (1%).
The average normal breathing pattern consumes what percent of the 150 mmHg oxygen pressure? 30%
What is Hypoxemia? The decreased partial pressure amount of oxygen present in the human blood.
When the 30% of oxygen usage drops then this creates what in the blood? Hypoxemia.
What is Hypoxia? Is an abnormal low oxygen available to the body or individual tissue or organ.
What are the tissues most sensitive to Hypoxia? The brain, heart, lungs, and liver.
What is Human Homeostasis? Is the body's ability to physiologically regulate its inner environment to ensure its stability in response to fluctuations in the outside environment.
What can be indicators for the need of extra oxygen? Increased cardiopulmonary workload, heart rate, blood pressure, and patients work of breathing.
What % of Nitrogen keeps the lungs inflated? 78%
What 2 units are oxygen measured in? Liter Per Minute(LPM) and Percent Concentration (%).
What 3 things must you have to deliver oxygen? 1. Oxygen delivery device 2. Gas source 3. Means by which the two can be connected.
What color is an Oxygen Flowmeter? Green.
What color is an Air Flowmeter? Yellow.
When should an oxygen device be removed from a patient? Under no circumstances should an oxygen device be completely removed from the patient for the purpose of taking a radiograph without the consent or supervision of a physician, respiratory care practitioner, or attending nurse.
When transporting a patient with an oxygen cylinder what amount of delivered oxygen should the patient get? The amount should match what the patient was receiving at his/her bedside.
Oxygen therapy is broken down into 2 parts what are they? Low flow and high flow.
What is a low flow? Is a variable-oxygen concentration, a device that does not meet the entire inspiratory demand or needs of a patient.
What is a high flow? A device that meets or exceeds the inspiratory demands or needs of the patient.
Which part high or low does not allow us to know the exact amount of oxygen the patient is receiving? Low flow.
Which part high or low allows us to guarantee the amount of oxygen the patient is receiving? High flow.
What Liter amount is the percents? 1L=24% 2L=28% 3L=32% 4L=36% 5L=40% 6L=44%
Humidification should be used liter flows past what LPM? 4 LPM.
What masks are low flow? Simple, Partial Rebreather, and Non-Rebreather.
What masks are high flow? Venturi, Aerosol, Trach, and Face Tent.
What % of oxygen supplied in a room to maintain homeostasis? 21%.
A properly positioned endotracheal tube should be how? The distal tip should be 1 or 2 inches (3-5cm) superior to the tracheal bifurcation (Carina).
What are Thoracostomy (intrapleural) tubes, more commonly called chest tubes are used for what? To drain the intrapleural space and the mediastinum.
What are Central Venous (CV) lines? Are catheters that are inserted into a large vein.
CV lines were initially developed to administer what? Chemotherapeutic drugs and Parenteral Nutrition.
What are CV lines also used for today? To administer a variety of drugs, manage fluid volume, serve as a conduit for blood analysis and transfusions, and monitor cardiac pressures.
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