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Unit 2 Voc.Sentences

Unit 2 Vocab-Sentences

The mere fact that we cannot explain at the present time how she was hurt doesn't mean that she was the victim of some ________ power. occult
"The rash and ______ actions of that young hothead almost cost us the battle, say nothing of the war," the general remarked sourly. precipitate
"If you think my training rules are too ______ and confining," the coach said, "then you probably shouldn't be a candidate for the team." stringent
Though fossils show that human beings have been on earth a very, very long time, the earliest written records of their activities date back only about five _______. millenia
He tries to give the impression of being a true man of the world, but his conduct clearly shows him to be a(n) _______ and somewhat feckless youth. callow
The Vice President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense are ______ members of the National Security Council. ex officio
After completing those long, grueling exams, I was overwhelmed by a(n) _______ so great that I felt I would never be able to study again. lassitude
We do not know what her motives were, but we may _____ that she was concerned mainly for the child's well-being. surmise
He has a great deal to say on the subject, but unfortunately most of it is meaningless _______. drivel
We looked up hungrily as the delightful odor of broiled steak and fried onions _____ the room. permeated
The voters of this city are looking for practical answers to urgent questions and will not respond to that kind of ________ and pretentious claptrap. bombastic
The prophets of old fervently ______ the people to amend their lives and follow the path of righteousness. exhorted
I refuse to accept the idea that conditions in this slum have deteriorated so far that nothing can be done to _________ them. ameliorate
Addressing the school assembly for the first time was a nerve-racking experience, but I managed to deliver my speech with a reasonable amount of ________. aplomb
Lucy no doubt is an attractive girl, but isn't it going rather far to call her "the very ______ of feminine beauty and grace"? epitome
A good definition of freedom is: The right to do anything you wish as long as you do not __________ on the rights of others." infringe
Representing an organization of senior citizens, the rally's keynote speaker _______ vehemently against conditions that rob the elderly of their dignity and independence. inveighed
The people trying to "crash" our dance may think of themselves as merry pranksters, but they are really _________ who would prevent us all from having a good time. interlopers
This old necklace has little _______ value, but it means a great deal to me because it belonged to my mother. intrinsic
How can we have any respect for people who try to _______ themselves with their superiors by flattery and favors? ingratiate
Created by: cowens7844