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Nerve Conduction

What two ions are involved in the sodium potassium pump? 3 sodium ions(Na+)and 2 potassium ions (K+)
What is unsed by the ANS to produce the FIght or flight response to stress? Norepinephrine
Dopamine is involved with what disease process and what does if do? Parkinsons, motor activity, motivation, congnition
What neurotansmitter in a inhibitory transmitter? GABA, inhibitory, influences interneurons within the spinal cord
What neurotransmitter is an excitatory transmitter? Glutamate, is excitatory, facilitates neuronal change during development
What are some Neurotransmitters? Acetylholine, Glutamate, GABA, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine
Acetylcholine works with LMN to do what? To stimulate mm contraction and regulates HR other ANS functions
3 Na+ from inside cell bind to transport protein, then a phosphate group is transferred from ATP to transport protein releasing Na+ ions to where? OUTSIDE the cell +
2 K+ from outside the cell bind to a transport ion and are released to where? INSIDE - Active transport
When the overall change is 3 out 2 what is the restin cell going to be? Negative
At resting potential what is more inside the cell? Na+
At resting potential what is more outside the cell? K+
Depolarization when poet synaptic neuron receives a stimulus from the presynaptic neuron. What happens to receptors and neuro transmitters? Receptors catch neurotransmitters which open gated Na+ channels. Na+ rush into the cell causing the inside of the cell to be less neg.
Action Potential happens how? When the stimuls is strong enough to reach the axon hillock
What happens to the cell with AP? The outside of the neuron goes from + to - and the inside goes from - to +
What does it mean with the all or none principle when it comes to AP? An AP will either happen or not, no in between
Sub threshold stimulus means what? The stimulus that was introduced was not strong enough and a AP will not occur
Repolarization happens when? When a neuron is trying to return to its normal resting potential. Downward slope slower
When K+ continues to leave the cell thru open K+ channels Na+ channels are closed so no Na+ is leaving. This happens when? Repolarizaiton the downward slope K+ leaves once Na+ is in
What is meant by Absolute Refactory Period? A period of the AP the neuronis less responsive to other stimuli
What is it called when a new action potential cannot be stimulated no matter how strong the stimulus is? Absolute Refractory Period
Once membrans potential hits a certain mV all the Na+ gated channels are closed and K+ gated channels are opened what cannot happen? A new action potential cannot be stimulated
During relative refractory period what happens to the membrane? Causes membrane potential to be even more - than the rest(below the line)
When both Na+ and K+ are closed is called? Relative Refractory Period
How can a super threshold accure? During Relative Refractory Period it takes more stimuli to bring the neuron to threshold.
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