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CADD-1 Lesson 2

Basic AutoCAD & Drawing Setup

Zoom All Zooms to the drawing limits.
DONUT Creates thick lined or solid filled circles
RECTANG Command that produces a rectangle as a single object.
0,0 Origin. Value for the lower left corner of your drawing.
Limits Boundary for your drawing. (Similar to paper size)
Units Measurement assigned to each unit. (Fractions, Decimals, etc)
Back-up Procedure Important to ensure that no work is lost.
Common settings in a Template file Limits, Units, Layers, Precision, Dimension Style, Linetype, etc.
DRAGMODE Controls whether dragging of a circle is permitted.
Layer Properties Manager Allows you to create new layers and adjust the color, linetype, and lineweights as well as whether the layer is active.
When does scaling occur in AutoCAD? Usually during printing.
ARC command Creates accurate arcs based on 3 points.
Template file Drawing file where common settings are stored
Lineweights Used to add emphasis to certain linetypes when plotting.
Freeze Layer Avoids accidental modification of an object in that layer. (Layer is not visible)
Lock Layer Avoids accidental modification of an object in that layer. (Layer is still visible)
STATUS command Provides updated information about various parameters in a drawing.
LTSCALE Controls the size of linetypes. (Set to 1/2 the reciprocal of the plot scale)
Alias Abbreviated command entry at the keyboard.
Fastest way to re-enter the previous command Right Mouse click, Space Bar, or Enter
Drafter person responsible for the preparation of technical drawings
Linetypes Used in drafting to reperesent different elements in a drawing.
Load Linetype Dialog Box that allows you to choose the linetypes to be loaded in a drawing file.
Precision The degree of accuracy assigned to each unit.
A-size sheet 11, 8.5
B-size sheet 17, 11
C-size sheet 22, 17
D-size sheet 34, 22
E-size sheet 44, 34
ELLIPSE Regular oval shape with a major & minor axis
TTR Circle option tangent, tangent, radius
Command Alias Abbreviation of a command used in the command line.
Rubber Band effect Allows you to see a line as you stretch it on the screen
Dynamic Input Allows you to enter commands at the cursor
Created by: tmurphy
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