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NPTE: Musculo

Musculoskeletal Review/Capsular Patterns/MMT/Innervation etc

Capsular Pattern of Gleno-humeral Joint (Shoulder) ER > ABd > IR
Capsular Pattern of Hip Flex > ABd > IR
Loose packed position of Gleno-humeral Joint 55 degrees of ABd & 30 degrees Horizontal ADD
Loose packed position of Hip slight Flex, Slight ABd, & Slight ER
Closed packed position of Talocrural Joint Full DF
Loose packed position of Talocrural Joint 10 degrees of PF
Loose packed position of Humeroulnar Joint (Elbow) 70 degrees of Flex, 10 degrees supination
Normal ROM Hip Flexion 135 degrees
Normal ROM Shoulder Flexion 180 degrees
Normal ROM Knee Flexion 120-160 degrees
Normal ROM Hip IR & ER 45 degrees
Normal ROM Wrist Radial Deviation 20 degrees
Normal ROM Ulnar Deviation 30 degrees
Normal ROM Talocrural PF 50 degrees
Normal ROM Talocrural DF 20 degrees
ROM in Knee Flexion required for normal gait 60 degrees
ROM in Hip Extension required for normal gait 15 degrees
ROM in DF required for normal gait 10 degrees
ROM in PF required for normal gait 20 degrees
Precautions for THR with Anterolateral Approach Avoid excessive hip ADD & Flex past neutral & Avoid ER
Precautions for THR with Posterolateral Approach Avoid excessive hip ADD & Flex past neutral & Avoid IR
Type I of Salter-Harris Classification Transverse fx of cartilage of physis (growth plate)
Type II Salter-Harris Classification Fracture above epiphysis; through growth plate & metaphysis
Type III Salter-harris Classification Fracture through growth plate & epiphysis
Type IV Salter-Harris Classification Fx through metaphysis, physis, & epiphysis
Type V Salter-Harris Classification Compression fx of growth plate
Describe Colle's Fracture Distal fragment of radius has dorsal displacement with radial shift of wrist & hand; most common fx as result of FOOSH
Findings indicating an Ant Innominant during Long Sitting Special Test (or LLD) LE appears longer in supine & shorter when sitting
Findings indicating a Post Innominant during Long Sitting Test (or LLD) LE appears shorter in supine & longer when sitting
What finding will indicate upslip on testing leg during Long Sitting Test? LE appears shorter in supine & sitting
MMT: 3/5 Fair: Can move into test position against gravity & hold (no resistance)
MMT: 2-/5 Poor-: Can initiate ROM with gravity eliminated
MMT: 1/5 Trace: Fasciculation or palpable muscle contraction but not able to move
MMT: 4/5 Good: Can move into test position against gravity with moderate pressure
MMT: 3-/5 Fair-: Can move into position against gravity with gradual release against gravity
MMT: 2+/5 Poor+: Can move against gravity in a small ROM
Innervation & Cord Segments of Gastrocnemius Tibial S1-S2
Innervation & Cord Segments of Rectus Femoris, Iliacus, & Sartorius Femoral L2-L3
Innervation & Cord Segments Biceps Femoris - Long Head Tibial part of Sciatic S1-S3
Innervation & Cord Segments Vastus Lateralis, Medius, & Intermedius Femoral L2-L4
Innervation & Cord Segments Adductor Longus & Brevis, & Gracilis Obturator L3-L4
Innervation & Cord Segments Tibialis Posterior Tibial L5-S1
Innervation & Cord Segments Tibialis Anterior, Ext Digitorum Longus, Extensor Hallicus Longus, Peroneus Tertius Deep Peroneal L4-S1
Innervation & Cord Segments Peroneus Longus & Brevis Superficial Peroneal L4-S1
Innervation & Cord Segments of Gluteus maximus Inferior Gluteal L5-S2
Innervation & Cord Segments of Gluteus Minimus & Medius Superior Gluteals L5-S1
Interpretation of Oswestry Disability Index Scores Higher the percentage = greater disability
Factors contributing to Adhesive Capsulitis Female, >40yrs, Post-trauma, Diabetes, Prolonged immobilization, Thyroid disease, Post-stroke or MI, certain psychiatric conditions, Presence of certain auto-immune diseases
Most common type of Ankle Sprains Lateral, Inversion Ankle Sprain
Risk or Contributing Factors of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (non-comprehensive) PRAGMATIC; Pregnancy, Renal dysfunction, Acromegaly, Gout/pseudogout, Myxedema or mass, Amyotrophy, Trauma, Infection, Collagen disorders
Special Test for DeQuervain's Finklestein's Test
Special Test for Carpal Tunnel Phalen's Test, Tinel's Test
Special Test for Lateral Epicondylitis Mill's Test, Cozen's Test
Created by: zimrizzle
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