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ADA study stack

Become an ADA expert

ADA stands for: The Americans with Disabilities Act
How many titles does he ADA have? 5
Which title of the Americans with Disablilites Act (ADA) provides people with disabilites the right to equal access to public accommodations? Title III
Which title of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers telecommunications? Title IV
Are religious institutions covered under ADA? No.
The Americans with Disabilities Act after July 26, 1994 covers employers with more than ___ employees? 15
Which Title covers Employment? Title I
Which Title covers State and local Governments? Title II
Which title covers Miscellaneous provisions? Title V
Which of these are not considered an auxiliary aid? a. TTYs b. Taped Texts c. Walking cane d. Brailled materials Walking cane
The Americans with Disabilities Act is also known as what Public Law? PL 101-336
Which of the following laws would apply to an individual who is disabled and is currently attending high school? a. Americans with Disabilities Act b. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act c. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 d. All of the above all of the above
What are public accommodations? Private entities that affect commerce.
The Americans with Disabilites Act has how any parts for the difinition of disability? 3
What is the first auxiliary aid or service listed under Section 35.104 of the Americans with Disabilities Act? qualified interpreters
Telecommunications Relay Services are required to operate how many hours a day? 24
Small businesses may claim a tax credit of up to what percent for costs associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance? 50%
The Americans with Disabilities Act has 5 parts, each part is known as what? Titles
Created by: loganshowalter