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Computer Basics

What is the "brain" of the computer? The microprocessor.
A computer is an electornic machine that does what FOUR things? Accepts data, Process data according to instructions, Stores data, and Provides data results.
What are three parts of the PC? Motherboard, Power Supply, and the Port.
What are the three responsibilites/jobs of the Computer? Fetch-Gets software instructions from memory telling it what to do with the data, Decode-Determines what the instruction means,Execute-Performs that instruction
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory.
What is a Flash Memory? Solid state storage device. Retains data even after computer is turned off.
What type of byte do we use today? Gigabyte.
Describe the Graphic Card. A Graphic Card translates image data from the computer into a format that can be displayed by the monitor.
What is a large-capacity storage used to hold information such as programs and documents? Hard Disk.
What does AGP stand for? Accelerated Graphics Port .
What does the CMOS battery allow a computer to do? Store information even when the computer powers down.
What is a Sound Card used for? It's used to record and play audio by converting analog sounds to digital.
What part of the computer contains all the computer components for processing and storing data and for communicating with the computer? A System Unit.
What is does an input device allow? A user, to enter data into the computer to be processed.
What is Flashed Memory based on? A type of ROM.
What does a Mouse do? It navigates and interacts.
What does a keyboard do? It enters information.
What does DVD-ROM stand for? Digital Versatile Disc, Read Only Memory.
What is known as the most popular external connection? The Universal Serial Bus.
What is a very popular method of connecting digital-video devices like digital cameras? FireWire.
What is a trackball? A type of mouse that features a rotating ball that you manipulate with your thumb, fingertip, or palm.
What is a type of printer that creates characters and graphics by striking pins against an ink ribbon? A Dot-matrix printer.
What does a laser printer do? It uses a laser to draw an image on an electrically charged drum, and then transfers the image to electrically charged paper using toner.
How does an Inkject Printer get characters onto a page? It sprays them on.
Created by: kw10