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Management Test One

Chapters 1-4 Test for Principles of Management Test Bank

A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed. controlling
What type of skills tends to be equally important at all levels of management? Human Skills
The ____ determined that companies can be prosecuted and punished for the illegal or unethical actions of employees even if management didn't know about the unethical behavior. U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines
Companies are not considered unethical if they do not perform their ____ responsibilities. discretionary
____ is defined as getting work done through others. Management
A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is determining organizational goals and the means for achieving them. planning
____ are responsible for creating a positive organizational culture through language and action. top managers
According to Mintzberg, which of the following lists the three major roles managers fulfill while performing their jobs? interpersonal roles, informational roles, and decisional roles
The goal of scientific management was to____. Find the one best way to perform each task
In which of the following situations would a Gantt chart be appropriate to use? all of the above
The ____ approach to management focuses on the psychological and social aspects of work. Human relations
What do companies look for in managers? conceptual skills, technical skills and human skills
An environment in which the rate of change is fast? dynamic environment
A systems view of management allows managers to ____. deal with the complex environment in which their companies operate
____ occurs when 1 + 1 = 3. synergy
Which of the following statements describes an advantage of the systems approach to management? if forces managers to view their organization as part of a whole
A ____ summarize the perceived relationships between environmental factors and possible organizational actions. cognitive map
Which of the following is a type of company most likely to be facing a dynamic environment? a video game manufacturer
____ involves deciding who your competitors are, anticipating competitors' moves, and determining competitors' strengths and weaknesses. A competitive analysis
_____ is an approach to dealing with conflict in which both parties deal with the conflict by indicating their preferences and then working together to find an alternative that meets the needs of both. Integrative Conflict Resolution
The ____ is the set of key values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by members of an organization. organizational culture
Which of the following statements about a company's vision is true? all of above
Managers can use behavioral addition and behavioral substitution to ____. modify corporate culture
A(n) ____ is a written test that estimates employee honesty by directly asking job applicants what they think or feel about theft or about punishment of unethical behaviors. overt integrity test
Various persons or groups with a legitimate interest in a company's actions are called ____. stakeholders
Created by: BeccaLeigh756
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